Monday, July 21, 2003

Murphy's Law

I've been running around all day so far and have accomplished very little. In fact, the only completed thing is I now have a new cell phone number because when going to a pre-paid plan they have to close out your old account and start fresh. I am NOT amused. On top of all that, I was an hour late to work.

Anyway, I still have half a BILLION things to do. I still haven't eaten today and it's 4:30 in the afternoon. I'm hungry, but just no time. :(

Oh yeah, the Teen Challenge movers said they are booked through October so it is looking like I will have to go with Delancey Street movers at a minimum cost of $400. *cries*

Friday, July 18, 2003

I guess I should update the meds situation first. The meds arrived last Friday, and Brad was nice enough to drop them by my house. Not that I was that desperate; I just felt better with them in my hands.

Xena went to the vet on Wednesday. She was not amused. She was shedding like crazy she was so scared! They eventually took her into a back room and gave her two shots, one deworming pill, and clipped her claws (they charged me $12 for that!). All together it came to $100. This is one expensive cat!

I went to the pet store up the street from the vet after that, and bought some cat food, and a dog bed big enough for both of them. They have steadfastly refused to sleep on the bed. Wednesday night Abby laid curled up next to me, and Xena slept on her cardboard scratching post.

Thursday night Xena went out the back door. I started to get worried because not even the clicker trainer brought her back. She finally came back in - and promptly went out the front door, which was also open. I finally managed to get her in and up the stairs, but Abby's still out.

My nail lacquer for my fungal nail infection arrived this week, so I'm busy using it. The doctor said to put it on once a day, but the directions say every other day. I'm putting it on every day anyway. I want to get rid of this infection.

Here's what it looked like shortly after the doctor got done with it. He cut it way back, dug out all the crud, and then sanded down the high portion at the back that was growing straight up. It sounds awful, but it didn't hurt at all. I wish I had a "before" picture to post.

God seems to be working in Wolf's life. What he will do with it, I don't know, but God is definetly at work. God spoke to him and simply said, "I love you," and it seems to have really rocked his world. (Yay God!) Bobby (Clip the Apex) has recently made the jump and professed faith. Chris has asked God to get rid of the critters in her life, and He did. (Self-deliverance anyone?) And of course Veronica gave her life to Christ a couple weeks ago. Of course we've been praying for everybody.

Susan in in the hospital to have her gall bladder removed. The situation is quite a bit stickier than that, but that's what it boils down to. She has stones that are having trouble passing. Surgery will be either later today or Saturday.

No wonder people on the board, like K and Susan, are having problems. God is at work!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Lost medication?, take 5

Ok, last update for the night, and then maybe I can finally eat. So far I've been too stressed to care. Talked to Canadameds on the phone. They said they have delivery confirmation that it arrived here at 11:10 this morning.

I talked to the front desk, but they had nothing. I searched the "mailroom" but nothing was there. The guy in our little mini post office here was already gone for the day, but his supervisor let me in and we searched the office. No package.

He said it would be impossible to know what time something was delivered to this building, so perhaps it was delivered at 11:10 to the main post office where we pick up our mail. (As a company, we have hundreds of pieces of mail each day.) They said to wait until tomorrow and see if that's what going on. I'm off tomorrow, but I will call. (Please pray that's where it is!)

[signs off to read messages and eat her long-cold burrito]

Lost medication?, take 4

I will check with Brad at work tomorrow on the off chance that it's just been delayed and arrives late.

Lost medication?, take 3

I keep trying to call Lupe, but she's still not in her office.

I tried calling my old doctor (a clinic who always has samples on hand), but they said I'd have to come in as a new patient ($200) because I've been away too long, and that they couldn't get me in for a month anyway. So that was pointless. (I was in tears at this point.)

I tried to call the company (, but the number keeps connecting me to a local number. (I've had this problem before - the phone fails to recognize the "1" meaning a long distance number). I just faxed them asking them to call me.

I called my Dad, he is sending some money that should arrive later. With that on the way, I intend to reorder from Canada as soon as I can get ahold of them.

Unless I want to pay $300 for one month's worth of pills here in the U.S., it looks like I will have to wean off with the remaining pills I have (remember, I had hoarded a small number). It will mean that I'll be one messed up person for longer, but should help prevent some side-effects. I'll start tonight.

Now excuse me while I go cry.

Lost medication?, take 2

Let's see, I've already made three phone calls today. I called my doctor to see if I could maybe get samples. The receptionist said they didn't have any, they give them out to "patients who need them." Like I don't ?! She simply said they didn't have any and if I don't have the money to pay $300 for one month of pills from the U.S., then oh well, there was nothing she could do.

Then I called the USPS, who said they don't track Global Priority Mail and they can't help me. They suggested I wait 10 *business* days. (Mail doesn't move on weekends?) Customs said the same thing; they don't track packages and if it got delayed, they would have notified me right away. At least the man tried to be nice.

I'm currently waiting for Lupe (the health adviser here) to get back to her desk so I can ask about a new doctor. "I'm sorry; we can't help you," is not an acceptable answer to a patient in dire need who doesn't have $300 for US pills and another $200 for Canadian pill.

I was really hoping to get out of this financial hole with this paycheck. Looks like it won't happen. $500 out of it will leave precious little for little things like food and bills. (One bill just arrived today.)

Lost medication?

After all the problems mods here seem to have had, it seems to be my turn.

My medication appears to have been lost in the mail. I took a look at the tracking online tonight. The meds left Canada and entered the U.S., but when I go to the USPS site and enter the tracking number there, they have no record of it. The meds should have arrived no LATER than today or yesterday. If they are not at work tomorrow I will start making inquiries to the USPS, Canadameds, etc.

Besides not having another $200 to rebuy these, I DON'T have another month's worth of meds until the replacements can arrive. Quite simply, if the ones in the mail don't arrive soon, I don't have the time or money to wait for another shipment. I'll run out and go into withdrawal.

Which is why I'm here at past midnight posting an urgent prayer request.

Please pray; I'm worried.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Sniffle Sniffle, Sneeze Sneeze

I've reached the end of my rope today. My alergies were so bad that I had to take one pill towards the start of the service, and another at the break. The second one helped knock out most of the alergy symptoms, but also knocked me out; I was tired.

I can't do this anymore. I'm ready to take a daily medication if need be. The doctor gave me a prescription for Zyrtec; I think now I will fill it. Not sure if I will do it in Canada or at the local Walgreens, though.

Bleah. I need relief.

Today I also patched the puncture the cats put in my air mattress. I'm currently testing it to see if it still leaks. Dear God, please let this patch hold, and don't let these cats put any more holes in the mattress. :-p

Friday, July 04, 2003

Light and Power

This is America's 227th birthday. It is also the first July 4th in a long time that I got to see fireworks, and boy was it cool! I really hate having to work some holidays, and this is one. Too bad it falls on a Sunday next year. :( Maybe I can get the night off.

There were lots of red and blue fireworks, and some new cool stuff I hadn't seen before: fireworks in the shape of smiley faces, and two offset rings inside one another, like some nuclear thing, only with fewer rings.

The Grand Finale was the best I've ever seen. There were so many fireworks going off at one time, and low, that I began to wonder if the lauch site wasn't exploding! (c:

Thank You, God, for this country and the freedoms we have. Protect her through everything for the sake of Your remnant. There are still those of us who stand against the tide. Protect her for our sake, Father, and the sake of Your name.