Wednesday, October 31, 1990

Eric Pryor

[11/30/05: This is from Kerr Cuhulain's article on Eric Pryor. I include this here as a sort of journal entry of what happened as I was at the protest, at least at the beginning. My friend and I left early to go to a Samhain ritual put on by Starhawk.]

The following is an excerpt from the Volume XXIV, No 93 (Litha 1991) issue of the Church of All Worlds magazine The Green Egg which outlines some of Pryor's background:

{snip large section}

"They hadn't seen him since, until about a month before last Samhain [1990]. Kenny and Tzipora were doing an Earth First! benefit at Ancient Ways in Oakland, California, and Eric (Pryor) showed up dressed right fancy with his current lady, Cassandra, who was head-to-toe leather and spikes. Eric told them that he'd just come into a lot of money and was working with Jubilee Christian Center to set up a big benefit concert for the homeless, for which he wanted to get Kenny and Tzip to perform. He also mentioned that he was setting up the anti- Larry Lea demonstration. He inquired after a chalice he'd given Kenny & Tzip to hold back in 1983, telling them to keep it and asking them to come to his place where he had a wand he wanted to give them "to protect it". From what?..."

The protest that The Green Egg is referring to here occurred on Halloween night in 1990. Pentecostal evangelist Dick Bernal teamed up with Texas televangelist Larry Lea in San Francisco to organize a mass "Prayer Breakthrough" meeting by "Prayer Warriors." Lea was the host of the Dallas based show "Change Your Life." Bernal was the founder of the Jubilee Christian Center, a Pentecostal church with a congregation of about 5,000. The purpose of this "Prayer Breakthrough" meeting was to "attack... the satanic forces of witchcraft, drugs and perversion in San Francisco." Bernal was quoted as saying that they "We're praying to God for people, all people, against the powers of darkness. The ultimate goal is to save the fallen angels of the city from Satan, from evil immorality."

Saturday, September 01, 1990

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poem: Forget the Fact

[There is no time or date on this poem, so I'm just saying September 1. This is the earliest poem I could find. I can't find the "cleaned up" version, so this is typed from the original, and put together as best as I can figure out.]


Forget the Fact

Forget the fact I was at Redwood Summer,
Forget the fact I tried,
Forget the fact I'm battling at home now,
Forget the fact I cried.

Forget the fact I'm from a middle class home,
Forget the fact you're not,
Forget the fact I'm only 19,
Forget the fact I have to learn a lot.

Forget the fact of clear-cuts,
Forget the fact of jobs,
Forget the fact of exports,
Forget the fact of logs.

Forget the ritual circles,
Forget the Affinity Groups,
Forget the Sequoia Rendezvous,
Forget that we're the trees' troups.

Forget the fact of hood ornaments,
Forget the fact of greed,
Forget Pacific Lumber,
Forget where Redwood Summer may lead.

Forget the fact I love Mother Earth,
Forget the fact of trees,
Forget the fact of "I love you,"
Forget the falling leaves.

Forget the fact of sleeping bags,
Forget the fact of stars,
Forget the fact of the waxing moon,
Forget the drums and guitars.