Monday, June 24, 1991

poem: Out

{Later note: My parents kicked me out and I became homeless June 24, 1991.}

When youth was lost
In front of my parents,
I didn't cry.
But I did long for the wine
Of youth lost,
Of innocence lost,
Of pride, freedom, and hope lost.
But I didn't cry
Because I know that they'll use it against me.
Curse the Goddess,
But go on.
I am an outcast,
Truly rejected,
No friends, no direction, no hope, no tears.
Too stunned to feel anything
But pain.
When I look at my eyes in the mirror,
I see fear and confusion.
I see someone desperately seeking for something
That is not there.
I see the time for tears is past,
And the time to fight for my life has begun.
Begin Round One.