Sunday, March 31, 1996

poem: Flame of Peace

Flame of Peace
Light my candle,
I'll light his,
He'll light hers, and
She'll light theirs.
Keep the fire glowing,
Keep the love a'flowing,
Keep the love a'growing
In this circle of His peace.
The Spirit will keep bringing, and
We will all be singing, as to
God we're clinging
In His love that brings peace.

The Concert

Went to my first Christian music concert last night. Jesse Manibusan was opening for Margaret Becker. Margaret Becker was up on this small stage with colored lights and the gym was darkened. She's phenomenal. Very good singer. Pretty, too.

The concert was held in the gym at St. Mary's College, and was part of a Youth Conference going on.

Jesse is cool. He setup was on the main floor down at audience level, and all the main lights were left on when he sang. He was good. When he sang I could feel the Spirit of God in that room. God was there.

I got to meet Jesse before the concert, and my ride Paul introduced the whole group to him. (He knows him.) After, I bought one of his tapes, and found him to have him sign it. I told him that I could feel the Spirit of God when he was singing, and he said it was good that I was that open. Open, I'm thinking? I thought it {God being there} was pretty obvious.

Friday, March 08, 1996

Jesse Manibusan

I've been listening to Bernie Ward playing the music of Jesse Manibusan. I posted to s.r.c., and someone there suggested posting in (I think) So I did, and got a response from someone giving me his e-mail address. I wrote to the address and got a response back that same day (yesterday) from Jesse himself! He said he wasn't available in stores, but I could get it through him directly. I gave him my P.O. Box number so I could have a flier sent to me. I tried to quote him a line from one of the songs I remember Bernie playing, but I realized after sending the message that I had quoted the words wrong. "God is greater than you and me," I said, when it should have been, "God is bigger than you and me." (sigh)