Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Larry King interview with Robert Atkins

Just came across this tonight.

Aired January 6, 2003 - 21:00 ET

LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, Dr. Robert Atkins, the world's
most controversial diet guru, criticized for years. He may
have been right after all. He's here for the hour and he'll
take your calls. Dr. Robert Atkins next on LARRY KING LIVE.
It's always good to see him. We've been interviewing him
many, many times over the years, locally in Miami,
nationally on radio and now with us on television and radio
via CNN. Dr. Robert Atkins is a cardiologist and founder of
the Atkins Center for Complimentary Medicine. His books
have been number one on the "New York Times" list often.
His new book is "Atkins for Life." There you see its cover.
"The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight
Loss and Good Health."

Full transcript here.

Bitch and Moan

Why can't I lose weight after Thanksgiving? Why am I so far above 145? I would give my eyeteeth to be 145 again. Why does my body hate me? I've given up bread and kept my carbs below 40g a day and still nothing. :(

Truth be told, I'm afraid to weigh myself. I did a day or two ago - at night - and was 152 and change. I'm afraid to take an official morning weight.

In case you wondered whatever became of Steve, he's currently in Oklahoma. :)

Previous post on this:
July 24, 2005 -

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More overtime

Brad's wife just had surgery so he is taking a couple days off. I was asked to work 12 hours tomorrow to cover half his shift, and then boss Jon said 12 1/2 and that I need to come in at 10:25 a.m. *yawn* I need the money so I always agree to overtime. I'll work pretty much any shift as long as it's not on the Sabbath. So I'll be working about 48 hours this week. I need the money bad so I can't really complain. I'm sure not getting to spend much time with my cats, though. Poor Xena was all over me this morning as I sat in my computer chair.

Atkins song

Richard posted this on his blog and I wanted to post it here.

SONG OF THE DAY: Maybe this is a bit behind the trend - but if they can use the "Chipmunk Christmas Carol" about hula hoops to sell DVD's of "The Sopranos," I can put new lyrics on it for health reasons:

Mister Atkins, he has said....
To lose weight, do not eat bread.

Carbohydrates, they can be....
Adding to obesity.

Eat lean meat -- and eat fish, too.
Protein foods are good for you!

If you'd rather wind up dead....
Eat lots and lots of bread

November gain

Weighed myself last night to see if I'm anywhere near my pre-Thanksgiving weight. I was 152!?! Even accounting for food I'd eaten, that's still 150! How the heck did I gain over 5 pounds, pounds that now won't come off?!? I've been REALLY good. Why won't the weight come off?!?

I've been dieting and I gain in November?!? WTF?!?

Monday, November 28, 2005

"Other blogs" list now a drop-down

The "other blogs" list in the left hand column is now a drop down to save space. The name of Brucker's blog had to be shortened because it made the list run into the main body of the blog. So the "Annotated Skeptic's Annotated Bible" is now simply "Skeptic's Bible." These will NOT open a new window now, so be careful when navigating to other blogs. You will need the back button to return here. I'm hoping there's a way to change this, but I'm still working on it.

Added a new blog to the list today, too. Jean-Luc and his ExWitch Australia blog (no relation to the ExWitch here in the U.S. that burned me).


I've been tagged by Gina to write about the ten people who've influenced me the most outside of God and family members. I will just note that all these people/groups are positive influences. I could name a few who have irreparibly harmed me, but why give them print space? Here goes, in no particular order:

1. The folks at CH Refugee: They have helped me through many hard times and given me encouragement to strive to reach for God.

2. My church: They have been there for me through some of the roughest times.

3. My pastor: He showed me the grace and mercy of Christ at a time when the only god I could see was mean and vengeful.

4. author Philip Yancey: He's taught me a ton about God and suffering.

5. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: Until I could find a church of my own, they were the only church I had at first. They were there for me in my very early day of being a Christian.

6. Hamilton Square Baptist Church: This was my first church as a Christian. They taught me a lot of things that I still believe today. I believe that God led me to that church because it was what I needed at the time.

7. Charles Scott: He is my Canadian friend who witnessed to me over the Net and was a major influence in my decision to accept Christ.

8. Dr. Robert Atkins: Through his books I began to understand how carbs effected my body in bad ways. I managed to lose 60 pounds and have stable energy through the day.

9. The people at's Weight Loss forum: they have given me encouragement to stay on track and reach my goals.

10. Eleanor Godzak: A family friend who has known my family longer than I have.

Ok, I tag Veronica.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

First day of the rest of my diet

Well, today is the first day of the rest of my diet. LOL. Seriously though, I had lunch around 4 and now it's 7:30 and I'm barely hungry. Lunch was veggies and tofu and meat. Breakfast was an Atkins shake, and post-workout snack was an Atkins bar. No more sandwiches for me. If I want anything like that it will have to be with lettuce. I will do better.

Buying off-plan foods

After doing great on Friday, I sucked on Saturday. I had TWO sweet alcohol beverages - a Cosmo and a Tropical Blue Lagoon. And a huge glass of wine, but the carbs aren't too bad in that.

I have got to stop bringing in these sugary drinks. These are things I've bought while on Atkins. I need to stick to just wine and lite beer.

Today I am recommitting myself to this WOL. We'll see what ultra low carb does for me.

I did make it to the gym today - 30 minutes elliptical, 15 bike, 20 weight, and then I got to work early so I walked down the street to the entrance to the airport and back - about 19 minutes. Now I'm ready for a nap!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

My sister's on TV!, take 2

Here's the link to the program about them:
Move This House - April and Renato

THIS is why I low carb

The new scale was a pound heavier this morning. It said 144.4 and the old one said 143.2. 143.2 is a loss from my starting weight this month of 144. For now I'm taking the median of the two readings. But I will show a gain this month because of the new scale.

Oh well.

God, I feel horrible today. Every time I pig out on carbs the resulting blood sugar crash is just...bleh. Every time I do this I'm reminded how much better I feel low carbing. I'm kinda looking forward to getting back on plan tomorrow. But oh man...the carbs taste sooo good.

Oh, I decided to cut the bread for a while. I bought Romaine lettuce hearts and can put meat and cheese in between them. I think my weight may be stalled either from the bread or just too many carbs in general. Sad because now that I'm not addicted to white bread anymore, I now have an addiction to 100% whole wheat.

I managed to get ahold of an old Atkins diet book from 1972. It's fascinating how the diet has changed in the last 30 years - and I've only read 1 or 2 chapters! I heard on the Atkins board about someone reading an old one and they were doing it wrong because it was 30 years old. So I decided to buy a used copy and someone on Amazon found me a used 1972 copy in like new condition. :) $3.50 including shipping and handling. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to wish you all a



Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Made it to the gym today. Did 20 minutes on the stairmaster, 18 on the bike, and 15 on weights. FitDay says 207 calories.

Carbs are a little higher today because I had a 9 carb South Beach bar before my workout. I figure the extra carbs won't hurt me before a workout.

Tomorrow is a pig out day which means I have to go to the gym Friday to burn off the glycogen. That means no time to cook so I guess I'll just use salt-laden, processed meat next week.

Have to shop for next week's groceries tomorrow. Got paid today and have just enough money to food left after rent and bills and medication. God, I hate it that medication has to come out of pocket, even though I get reimbursed part of the cost when I turn in the receipt. Did I mention I buy all my medication from Canada? :-p But $123 for 100 tablets isn't bad. I currently take 1 1/2 tablets per day. Without the meds I am a total bitch. I know I am because I went undiagnosed for nearly 20 years.

Oh, my Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution came today. It's the old 1972 book. I was told the new diet is different from the old so I wanted to get an old copy. Got more music from Amazon today too, so I'll put it on my iPod tonight.

Weight held steady at 144.4 today. I can live with that. When I am on plan I consistently come in under 145. Tomorrow is my official weigh-in.

Skinny mini!

I'm skinny mini. Here's a pic I took this morning. Look at my flat tummy. I didn't even need to suck it in to do that! The jeans are about a size 8, by the way. Scale this morning said 144.4, which is within normal range for my height and build.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Oh yes, I forgot to add that I added a Bravenet calendar to the site. Anyone can see my schedule if they so wish.

Free Calendar from Free Calendar from

It's also in the left hand column, near the bottom.

Archive list now a drop-down

If you scroll slowly down the left side you will see that instead of a lengthy list of this blog's archives that take up tons of space, there is now a drop-down list. All the archives can be accessed from that list, but it takes up a LOT less space. I was directed to the page with the instuctions today. Yay!

Scale Woes

My new scale doesn't like me. It weighs me more for starters. Last night it was 0.8 higher than my Weight Watchers scale, and this morning it was 0.4 higher. So the new scale told me 144.4 this morning and my old one said 144 even.

It said my body fat is 29.8% and body water at 49.2% (which is at least within "normal" range according the the scale). At the gym my last two body fat tests were 26% and 24.5%. Frankly, I'll trust the gym because all the scale does is test body fat in the legs and waist, where I carry more fat than the rest of me. I have no doubt my body fat IS that high in the lower part of me. :-p

Anyway, the new scale says 144.4 today, and with that, I have to get going.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia, take 2

I saw a commercial for this movie for the first time yesterday (or was it today? - I'm getting senile in my old age, lol). It looks really good! I can hardly wait!

It opens on Friday and I aim to be there opening day!

Drop-down boxes - I need help!

Does anybody know how to make a drop down box for my archives, like the one on this blog? I tried looking at the source code, but it didn't help, and of course I can't see her template.

It would make things soooo much more compact to have a drop down since my archives have grown pretty extensive, and I have plans to add a some old hand written journal entries of really important events in 1996.

Anybody know the code to use?


Sunday, November 20, 2005

My Tanita scale came!

My Tanita body fat scale came!

From the Amazon page:

0.2-pound graduations
2.25-inch, 2-line display shows weight and body fat percentage
Determines weight and estimates body fat and body water with safe, low-level electrical pulse
Stores data for two different people
0.1% body fat graduations

Here's a picture.

My sister's on TV!

She made her TV debut today on Move This House! on A&E TV. It's a new program where they move people from one house to another and decorate the new house and everything. April and her new hubby Renato were this week's people. :) It airs today, but I'm doing a 12 hour shift at work so I set my VCR to record it. Hopefully it will.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas is coming...

My sister sent me my Christmas and birthday presents this week and I'm seeing lots of Christmas commercials on TV. Also, most of my presents have to be mailed, so I'm beginning to feel the crunch. So I thought I'd begin to wrap presents; I did so, but had to stop when I ran out of scotch tape! (?!?) There was no more in the house. After that I dug the tree out of the closet and it's sitting in its box in my living room now. I'll set it up Thursday night when I get home from work. I also have to take the flag out of the window and get out those lights.

Now the holidays begin and they don't end until my birthday on January 11. Fun, fun.

And have I ever mentioned how much I hate the commercialism of Christmas and getting presents that I don't want?

I also messed up my right shoulder this week when waking up and stretching one morning. It's not getting better. I will see the chiropractor on Monday and get an adjustment plus a 1/2 hour massage.

I better get to bed. I have an early morning and 12 hour day at work.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Weight Blah

I've decided for this week and next to take my official weight on Thursday. For one thing, Thanksgiving will be off plan for me so I'll be way up on Friday. So I'm going with the 144.2 as my official weight this week. However, with my sodium lower than usual yesterday I was down today. :) 143.4 this morning. :) I could get to 140 if I could just get rid of the salt. Even on a good day I'm eating more than twice the maximum recommended.

My plan is to do some pretty serious dieting between Christmas and New Years, cutting calories, carbs, and salt and see where I am on Dec. 31. I'll be up on Jan. 1 because I'll cheat a little New Year's Eve with low carb pizza and champagne.

Hopefully the only binge days the rest of this year (fingers crossed) with be Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Three weeks after Christmas (Jan. 11) is my birthday and I will pig out on cake for that, too. ;)

Re: carbs. I was losing fine on 50-60g a day. I think my body is just happy where it is and doesn't want to go down. There's no guarantee that if I do reach 140 that I'll be able to maintain it. We'll see. I am looking forward to opening that bottle of dessert wine that is still sitting in my cupboard.

Anyway, I think once I get my salt down I should be able to get pretty close to 140, if only for a day or two.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Which soldier type are you?

You scored as Support Gunner. Your a support gunner. You carry a big gun, and people generally call on you when in trouble. Your a strong person physically and emotionaly. You can take being on the front lines of any problem clearing paths for your buddies. You generally lead the way with your strong personality, hitting the problem with all the tact and grace of a freight train.

CLICK, Cha-chink...


Support Gunner




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Combat Infantry








Which soldier type are you?
created with

The Pagan Origins of Christmas, a response

My response to a rant about the pagan origins of Christmas. First I posted a link to talking about the WalMart incident, since that is the first thing mentioned in the post. Then I decided to write another post on the topic of the pagan origin of Christmas, and my feelings toward Christmas as an ex-Pagan.


Let me just add that I don't care what Selena Fox has to say about whatever topic. She, Circle Sanctuary, and any involvement I had with them (I was published once in their publication, The Circle Network News, and once talked to Ms. Fox in person on the phone) is in the past. It has no bearing on who I am today or whether or not I choose to celebrate the birth of the Savior and participate in the annual ritual of giving and receiving gifts.

I choose to celebrate Christmas in the way I was raised (tree, presents), and to bring the Savior into it as well by remembering His Incarnation on Dec. 25.

I am an ex-Pagan who understands many of the pagan roots quite well, thank you, and choose to celebrate Christmas anyway.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I'm holding steady just a hair under 145. I think I am losing, if ever so slowly, because holding steady at 145 wasn't happening a few months ago. Friday I was 144.8 and today I was 144.6. Looking back in my journal I would occationally hit 145, but never stay there. Hopefully I will be staying there more and more. :)

The first time I got under 145 was July 29 (144.4), but then I bounced up and didn't see a number under 145 again until September 30 (144.4 again). I've been under 145 every week since then except one (October 7 I went up to 146.8). I also would have been up the first week of November, but I refused to weigh myself because I'd binged and was holding onto water weight.

Cross your fingers that my official weight this week will be under 145!


No exercise today. I forgot I had an appointment. But the walk up the hill was sooooo easy. I wasn't even out of breath! That hill used to be the bane of my existence. It used to kill me it's so steep.

Photos that will never make the news

Found this is a forum. I could reach it without logging in, so you should be able to also even if you don't have a Hellphi account. These are photos of the war in Iraq that CNN will never show. When it asks you to log in, just enter as a Guest.

photos that will never make the news

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel, take 3

Found where the book can be ordered, and another article about it.

Article from the author's web site:
The True Story Behind "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"

And copies of the book can be ordered from them as well:
The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Weekend eating

I guess I did okay this weekend. I was hungry Friday and finally just said screw it and pigged out on some sugar free fudge covered graham crackers and a few other low carb things. But my calories were way over.

Saturday I had salad and a bowl of the soup at church, plus my sandwich. The soup seemed sweet so there was probably too much sugar in it. And the salad had apple slices. There were Oreos for dessert. I'm glad I brought sugar free Oreos from home.

Saturday night we went out to dinner at the buffet. I stayed with meat and veggies and salad and even found sugar free pudding for dessert. Diet Coke to drink. So I did okay there I think.

Decided not to exercise this morning. Instead I slept in and let Xena lick my face as I woke up.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Took the plunge

Since it's payday I took the plunge and bought something off my own wish list (what better gifts for myself than the things I want?). I got new Tanita body fat scale. This one does weight in 0.2 graduations - like my current scale, and body fat in 0.1% graduations. Most scales just have 0.5% graduations.

Easlier this week I saw a woman reading the book from Tim LaHaye's Babylon Rising series, another fiction series, this one taking place in today's world before the rapure. She said it was about as good as the Left Behind books, so I ordered a used copy of the first book (of three) from Amazon for 1 cent. it's titled simply Babylon Rising. The notes say it used to be a library book. Shipping was $3.49, so $3.50 total. I can begin reading that when I finish the Annaliese book. I'm currently on the second to last chapter of that.

I'll Be Watching You

So says a song. I installed a site tracker today. It's better than a counter because now I can track exactly who comes here rather than just how many hits I get. You'll see it if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

I'm watching you!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Devoutly dedicated to helping lead others to glory, you are a strong, supportive, and spiritual caregiver.

Summoned, I take the place that has been prepared for me.

Delenn is a character in the Babylon 5 universe. You can read her biography at the Worlds of JMS fansite.

Take the test.

More anti-low carb ignorance

From Tony's Weight Loss forum

In summary:
The ignorance starts with Kentucky in post #4 who thinks Atkins is bad for heart problems. I counter every arguement she has, so she keeps bringing up new ones. When I counter those, she starts insulting me. I just love people who have no facts so they resort to name-calling.

This was barely even a challenge. If I were her there's so much better arguments to bring up, but when you are ignorant of the topic, it's hard to intelligently attack it.

Election Day Craziness

BTW, I did win the auction on the 15 bars I didn't want, but oh well. One more box won't kill me.

Lesse. Went to the chiropractor this morning. Have another appointment in 2 weeks. This guy's really cheap - $25 for an adjustment, $45 for an adjustment with a 1/2 hour massage (by the massage therapist who comes in 3 days a week). Then I went to the post office to pick up a package they say they can't find, which probably means it doesn't exist.

Then I tried to find my polling place and was lost, so I just headed home to look it up on MapQuest. Then I voted and then I walked to the next major intersection, up the hill, and caught the bus to work. I did SO much walking. I have no car so I walked around, dragging my leadweight Pullman backpack behind me. Probably covered 2 miles easy. That's exercise, right? ;)

Oh, the chiropractor recognized me from 24 Hour Fitness. He goes at the same time of day as me and remembered my green hair. LOL I told him I was going to try pink next. I'm just waiting for the green to fade more and for the hair to grow out a bit since I need to rebleach the whole thing and that will be harsh on the hair that's already been bleached.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Remember to vote!

Tuesday is the mid-term election in California. Please remember to vote! There's several propositions on the ballot.

Bars and Shakes and Other Stuff

Yesterday my 90 Chocolate Peanut Butter bars arrived. Today the box of 15 arrived and the 22 Chocolate Delight shakes. So I'm set for a loooong time to come, lol!

I ventured to weigh myself this morning and was back down to 145.6, so I'm holding pretty steady still. But I'm happy with that. Last night before bed I was 150.8. How did I lose 5 pounds overnight?!?

Tomorrow is voting day AND I have an appointment with the chiropractor AND some stupid person sent a package to my apartment so now I have to go to the post office to pick it up because of delivery confirmation??? Argh!!! I do not have time for this!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why I'm leaving Hellphi

Copied from another forum, where I was asked why I just couldn't reconsider and stay because everyone has problems with "rules about promos." I explained:

It doesn't have to do with "rules about promos." It has to do with gunter being an unaccountable god with no supervisor. Anyone have the e-mail of someone on the same level as him perhaps, who I could appeal to?

1) He is not content with *just* deleting promos, though he does take great glee in that.

2) He has now delisted TWO of my three forums, and the only reason he hasn't delisted the third it because it's dead. This was done out of pure spite, because he doesn't like me and because he can.

3) He really is just a power hungry nazi, worse than any other. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." My dad taught me that as a kid. He was right.

So no, it's time to leave, after more than 6 years. They will never get another penny from me unless the power structure changes. Since that will happen about the time hell freezes over, I don't suspect I will do anymore than post on one or two forums where I have friends, as a Basic member, pasting in a link to my off-Hellphi forum.

If they want to treat their paying customers the way they treated me, then I will vote with my feet AND my wallet. I was going to sign up for Advanced. Gunter delisting my forums nixed any chance of that. How DOES he sleep at night? I will never understand people who take such obvious glee in hurting others simply because they can.


Halloween for Christians & Former Witches

Got asked about this, and thought I'd reprint my piece here.


People can celebrate Halloween any way they want. Some Christians can dress up and go to parties or whatever with no problem. Others can't. Same thing with Harry Potter. Some Christians (and their children) can handle it; some can't. It's a personal thing.

When I was a kid it was just a fun time to dress up and stuff my face with candy. I know it will never be that again - I'm not a kid anymore - but why can't I hope to be a "recovering Witch" and reclaim Halloween back to what it used to be, what it should be - a holiday to dress up and have fun? I even have an old Ren Faire costume I could wear.

At first I admit I was afraid of Halloween. I hid out in Bible studies or breathed a sign of relief that I would be working that night to keep my mind busy. Well, it's time to stop being afraid! I've been a Christian for almost 10 years and it's time to stop freaking out over a secular kids holiday.

I'm not totally "there" yet, but I'm making strides. Two years ago while helping out with a Halloween chat at EW, I got trick-or-treaters and scrambled to find candy to give them. Luckily, I had some on hand. I looked for a paper pumpkin, skeleton, etc. to tape to my front door at home, but couldn't find one. Maybe next year I will look harder.

Last year I had someone make me a Halloween themed sig with cats. This year I reused the sig and also placed a Halloween theme on my health and wellness forum. I went for grey, happy skeletons though, rather than something dark.

Those who believe that others shouldn't celebrate Halloween should not celebrate it themselves, but neither should they judge those who do. I will consider myself recovered from my past when Halloween becomes what it once was - when I can once again dress up and have fun. Perhaps someday I will get there...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Abby and that Damn Tube

I got Abby's tube back on her collar. I tried to do it two handed, one hand holding each half, with one hand holding the half attached to her collar. That didn't work too well. After chasing her around the house I finally scruffed her and attached it one handed, turning it until the half attached to her wouldn't turn anymore; then the other half screwed on well. Wonder how long it'll take her to get off this time and where she'll lose it. She's currently hiding from me on the bottom platform of the used beige cat tree.

Tossing out the scale (for now)

I refuse to weigh myself. Absolutely refuse to. I am so bloated right now, probably from too much sodium. So until I can get this extra salt and water out of me (and use up the "bad" food in the house), I won't get an accurate reading. :(

Thursday, November 03, 2005

From the Atkins forum, about aspertame

From the official Atkins forum, by Colette Heimowitz, who works for the company. I wanted to save the quote since this issue of whether or not aspertame is okay on Atkins comes up over and over.

Aspartame in moderation is fine. There are rare cases when someone is sensitive and will need to discontinue, but frankly, those cases are far and few between.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Still bloated

Back in my size 8s today, but they are tight when I am sitting.

I'm sore from my run yesterday so I decided to skip the gym today. Tomorrow I'm doing basic grocery shopping. I borrowed $20 from a co-worker. I'm just buying basics that won't hold out for another week - a small amount of tofu and meat for lunches, and spinach for salads. Maybe cheese for sandwiches. I think the sandwich meat and bread will hold out.

I'm going to try to not weigh myself until Friday and know I'll be up over last week's number, but oh well. My body hates me. Last week I was 144.

Be proud of me. Brad had a birthday this week and they keep the cake in the room I work in. It's covered with paper towels, but it's 10 feet away and I haven't had any except eating a few crumbs lying around.

My necklaces from Australia came yesterday. The are names done in silver plated wire. I got one for my sis for Christmas, one for the Secret Santa thing on a cat forum I'm on, and of course, one for me. The Website is I'm wearing my necklace today.

Who really is the Antichrist?

We can find out. Using the agonizingly precise science of numerology, we can test the name of any person, place, or thing to tell you if it is the antichrist. Go ahead, try it. Maybe it's your neighbor. Maybe it's the president. Maybe it's YOU!

I am the Antichrist and I have proof!

Mathematical proof that Victoria Shephard is the Antichrist!

And with my full given name we get:

Mathematical proof that Victoria Sheri April Shephard is the Antichrist!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

2.7 miles!

After binging yesterday I made myself go to the gym and run on the treadmill. I went 4.5-4.6 mph for 36 minutes, covering 2.7 miles. :) Felt great afterwards. Then I walked at 3 mph for 5 minutes to cool down, and then did weights for 20 minutes.

FitDay says I burned 287 calories. I finally found something on FitDay to enter for my running since they consider 4.5 mph as a fast walk. I went to the running section and found "Jogging, General," so I selected that. I think that more closely reflects the calories burned.

I think I will reset my goal to 145. That I know I can reach, but my body has just been fighting me tooth and nail since I hit 152 1/4.