Tuesday, February 26, 2002

poem: The Morning After

{A poem about 9/11.}

The Morning After
Life goes on, world goes 'round,
Fallen shadows, with no sound
But cries and heartbreak, tearful nights,
Of those who lived to see the sight.

Months of cleanup, dusty air,
Thousands dead, we gawk and stare.
Tearing, ripping, hearts aflame,
All is different, ne'er again the same.

I cannot cry, though close I've come,
I cannot shed a tear, not one.
I wish I could, to let it out,
Instead of being so strong and stout.

God bless those who died and left
Wives, husbands, children, now bereft.
And God bless those of us still here,
Help us to realize life is dear.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Short-term prayer request

I've decided I want to get a kitten. I want something to love and love me back, have something that looks to me to meet its needs.

I sublet (like renting), so I need to clear this with the owner. He's a live-in owner and owns two grown cats, one of which I adore. :)

If I ever have to move and can't find a place that allows cats, a friend of mine [Eleanor] says she will take it in, so that's covered.

Pray that I'll be allowed to get a cat and that it will all work out between the owner and I (I don't need him getting upset at my over anything, cat or non-cat related).