Monday, February 12, 1996

Went to school and talking to Carlos about working this week. Last week to told me to call him and leave a message over the weekend, and he gave me the phone number and told me to call him. But I forgot that he gave me his number so I called the main number and left a message, but he never got it, so he thought I hadn't called. He went ahead and filled my shifts, so when I asked to work he said not until next week. Additionally, before I come back to work I need a doctor's note.

So I went to the Health Center to get a note, which necessitated an examination. The doctor asked me where my air cast was; I said I didn't have one. She asked why; I said no money. She said I needed one. It cost $28, but she said she could get it down to $10, and I could get an IOU to pay it later. She said my foot was still swollen and needed ice put on it.

At church on Sunday at the CUUPs {Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans} group I somehow got drafted (with 2 other people) to help out with the Full Moon on March 2. The person who was signed up had to back out because of a previous engagement. So I get to help out with a small, but public, ritual!

My ankle is feeling better today, though I still can't run, and I'm walking with a slight limp.

Saturday, February 10, 1996

Sprained Ankle

On Thursday night at work (February 8) I sprained my ankle at work. I slipped in some water, my left foot twisted, and all my weight went down on my ankle. Ouch! It really hurt, I went home that night after turning down Carlos' offer to call a doctor, but decided later that I better go to the Student Health Center. Eleanor drive me to school the next day and I saw the doctor at the Health Center. My ankle was pronounced sprained. My first sprained ankle! They put ice on it and wrapped it in an Ace bandage. Whereas before I practically needed crutches to walk, I felt much better after this. I didn't know this {that my ankle felt better} until after I had gotten up, by which time I had told the doctor that walking was very painful, and she had got crutches for me. So I have them, but it turns out I don't need them. Just above my heel on both sides of my foot I have nice purple bruises. But I'm walking, if slowly, and I even did some spring cleaning today. Considering all, it could be worse.

Thursday, February 01, 1996

poem: Sophia

[Written after my accident when I was struck by a motorcycle while crossing the street.]

The meaning? The meaning?
Oh, to a child so clear,
She wants to believe that things are really that simple,
That God puts all things right.
She wonders if God can, and
If God does,
Does that interfere with free will?
What is the truth, and
How does it come?
Does it come like Jesus lovingly enveloping a small child in his arms,
Or does it come at you at top speed around a blind corner?
And from where does faith spring?
Love, or fear and pain?
Truth and faith are sisters;
Therein lies wisdom, the mother of both.

The meaning? The meaning?
If God interferes, it is faith,
If we ask God it is truth, but
Perhaps the deepest meaning is our own human reaction,
How we and our views change,
And how we change the world through them. the
Questioning, the
The goal is tangential.
The journey toward faith and truth
Is wisdom.
To reach the goal is to go too far.
The meaning is the wisdom that
The search is what matters.