Friday, September 30, 2005

I made my goal of 145 for September. Barely...but I made it! I ended July just over 147, so hopefully I am losing again. I'm using the diet pills to control my appetite and they seem to help. I can eat less without totally screaming for food. I know I gained in August - mostly water, but I gained a lot. Bleh. My ultimate goal is 140. I hope to make it by the end of the year. I ran out of Leptopril, but will be buying more on Sunday (when my Gold Card discount kicks in).

I have never weighed this little my entire adult life!

Oh, and I downloaded FireFox with Greasemonkey and a user script from WhiteMare on Delphi and now I can do fonts and colors on my Mac, both on Delphi and About (although it doesn't work perfect on About) without hand coding the HTML. I can't change my sig on About, though.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Going up...

Up to 145 today. Oh well.

I have a bottle of dessert wine in my cupboard that I am saving for goal.

2500 hits!

I just noticed that the hit counter has gone over 2500 hits! Thank you all for coming. :)

Christmas Gift Buying

aka There Goes Another Paycheck

I get paid every two weeks, which means that twice a year three pay periods fall in one month. Since the rent is paid out of the first two paychecks, this is a "free" check. One such paycheck was today.

First, I bought groceries so I can eat next week. Then I went on a bill paying orgy and got caught up on everything. After that, since there won't be another "free" check this year, I started buying Christmas gifts - Mom, Eleanor, and Cynthia are now bought for. I tried to call Mom to ask her what to get Bill, but her phone has been busy for a couple of hours. There will be nothing left when I'm done, and since some gifts have to wait, I need to try to save out some money.

Did I mention how much I hate the consumerism of Christmas?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm winning the battle of the bulge!

I hit a new low weight this morning - 142.8! Less than 3 more pounds to my goal!

I even exceded my goal for September:

Still have to get through the next few days and I expect I'll bounce back up, but 145 was my September goal, so as long as I don't bounce above that I'll be okay. :)

I can't believe I've lost 63 pounds. Who ever woulda thunk I could do it? ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What Kind of Soul Are You?

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New Year's Resolutions check

Wondered how I was doing on my new year's resolutions, so I checked back in my blog to find the ones I made for this year.

And here's the text of the post, with my comments under each point.

To do one of two things:

1) Either get down to 155 pounds OR Get my body fat down into a "normal" range for my age.

Or both. :)

Exceded the first part by about 10 pounds, but it's hard to tell what I considered "normal" body fat. At last check it was 26%, and I probably was shooting for 23%, so I missed that.

2) Run the first two miles of the Bay To Breakers race before slowing down to a walk.

Ran all the way to the bottom of the Hayes Street Hill, just over 2 miles in.

3) Do more work with weights to increase muscle mass.

Nope. Definetly something to shoot for next year though.

4) Continue going to the gym at least 3 days a week.

As much as I can. When I have to work overtime this isn't possible, but I get to the gym when I can.

5) Continue eating low carb, but play with my carb and fat grams to better fuel my time at the gym.

I'm still eating very low carb. This is something else for me to attack when I reach my goal weight.

6) Let go of those who hurt me this past year and give them wholly over to God for HIM to deal with as He best sees fit, and not as human justice desires.

I wish. :-p

7) To read the Bible cover to cover this year. I have a "Bible in a year plan" already printed out.

Right on track. I'm even a little ahead. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel a sense of urgency to finish.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Goal by the end of the year?

Dammit. I'm going to make it. All I need to do is cut calories and be strict. I want to be at goal by the end of the year. That's only 6 pounds. If I drastically cut calories I can do it. I want to enter the new year with a weight maintenance resolution, not weight loss for once! Damn. I want this so bad.

The Naughty Quiz

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

But the sky isn't tumbling down. :)

Did everyone feel the earthquake at 4:25 a.m.? It woke me up, set off some neighborhood car alarms, and set the neighborhood dogs to barking. It was only 3.2, centered in or near Piedmont. Kind of exciting since I haven't felt a quake in a few years. It was a very short quake, just a jolt, possible on the Hayward fault.

Anyway, if you live here and your bed was rocking at 4:25 a.m. it wasn't the neighbors making whoopie! ;)

[Edit: Here's the USGS info. on it.]

Friday, September 23, 2005

Photos, The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

My photos are up on Amazon, including the cover image for the book that *I* took. Check it out here. Click "See all 2 customer images" link beneath it to see the other picture I took of the inside of the book.

My first image on Amazon! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel, take 2

My book from Amazon came today. It's out of print, but the institute with the book right is selling photocopies for $20. Check it out.

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

"This is a book bound copy of the hard copy version of the book. As the Institute which owns the rights to Dr. Goodman's published works, we are offering these authorized copies for those interested in reading this true story, and are not concerned with the binding. This book is out of print and by most accounts unavailable in hardbook anywhere! These bound photocopies of the book come in black and white."

It's 8.5"x11" sheets, two pages per sheet, four if you count that they are double-sided. The front cover is situated normally, but to read the book you have to turn it sideways. The book is 251 pages. Because this gets four book pages per 8.5"x11" sheet, this "book" is not all that thick. Everything, including the cover, is black and white, and the cover has a picture of Anneliese on it.

I'll let everyone know how it is if I ever get around to reading it. I have so much other reading to finish before I can start this!

Weighty Matters, take 2

I'm 10 pounds down for September as of this morning. (I was retaining a bunch of water weight from August you will remember.) I just need to lose one more pound by the end of the month. I can do it. I'm even (and don't critisize me) taking diet pills to help me control my appetite, and that seems to be helping. I can get my calories lower without feeling hungry.

Sodium has been really high the last two weeks because of the pre-cooked meat I've been using that has tons of spices rubbed onto it. Hopefully I'm retaining water and I can get down a pound when I switch back to chicken next week. Of course, with my carbs so low it probably balances out.

Earlier I was craving chocolate and sweets, but I resisted even turning to my sugar free chocolate pudding. It was a craving, not real hunger, so I told myself I could have the pudding, but only when I'm hungry. I try not to let myself eat if I'm full and have a craving. I try to only eat when hungry.

There's cake in the corner from a birthday party earlier today at work, but it's white cake and so not too bad a temptation. Chocolate would be nearly impossible to resist and I'd probably get a clean fork and have a really big bite then. :)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Weighty Matters

I know. I shouldn't take diet pills, but after gaining in August, I rededicated myself to diet and excercise in September. And sometimes when I get desperate, I take pills. They do seem to help me control my appetite so that I have an easier time eating less.

This morning I was down to 145.6, but I doubt it will hold. If I can hold it for 2 days (or go down again) I'll be thrilled, but I'll probably be up.

I worked out on Sunday, but then overtime got in the way. I worked 12 hours on Monday and now it's Wednesday and Brad got sick again and so Jon asked me to come in early at noon, so 11 hours today. And due to my appointment yesterday I still haven't been able to do a mail run. It will have to wait until next week now. Tomorrow I have to buy groceries if I want food next week - just basic things I eat every day like meat and veggies and salad. Friday will be spent cooking and generally getting ready for Sabbath, and Saturday is Sabbath. So that means the only workout I'll get all week is the one I had Sunday. Oh well, it's not like overtime is the norm around here, though being shorthanded I will be working 12 hours on Mondays until we hire and train someone new.

Here's the link to to my FitDay food journal.
I know. I shouldn't take diet pills, but after gaining in August, I rededicated myself to diet and exercise in September. And sometimes when I get desperate, I take pills. They do seem to help me control my appetite so that I have an easier time eating less.

This morning I was down to 145.6, but I doubt it will hold. If I can hold it for 2 days (or go down again) I'll be thrilled, but I'll probably be up.

I worked out on Sunday, but then overtime got in the way. I worked 12 hours on Monday and now it's Wednesday and Brad got sick again and so Jon asked me to come in early at noon, so 11 hours today. And due to my appointment yesterday I still haven't been able to do a mail run. It will have to wait until next week now. Tomorrow I have to buy groceries if I want food next week - just basic things I eat every day like meat and veggies and salad. Friday will be spent cooking and generally getting ready for Sabbath, and Saturday is Sabbath. So that means the only workout I'll get all week is the one I had Sunday. Oh well, it's not like overtime is the norm around here, though being shorthanded I will be working 12 hours on Mondays until we hire and train someone new.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wedding photos!

This will take some time to load on a slow connection. The original file size was 1.6 megs, and I think I managed to cut that in half, but it's still quite large. Anyway, I chose these pictures because I'm in most of them, even if just in the background. I also tossed in a few of people I know, and of course, one of the bride and the groom. They are arranged roughly in chronilogical order. There are 23 pictures ranging from 14k to 30k.

Me in my Maid of Honor dress sipping champaigne. Bogie, the Dog of Honor and Ring Bearer, is in the background.

This photo shows off my beautiful collar bones (now visible from the weight I've lost), and my beautiful Arwen necklace (elf princess from Lord of the Rings).

My sister gives me some of her eyeshadow to use.

What a special day for my sister! I'm so happy.

April and I pose for photographers.

More posing.

And even more. :)

My sister and my Dad.

April and her fiance. Isn't April the most beautiful bride? And she's so photogenic. There isn't one bad picture of her. I'm jealous!

From left to right: me, Dad, Mom, April, Renato, Renato's Dad, Renato's Mom, and two of Renato's sisters who were bridesmaids. Yes, Dad is missing a leg.

Mom, me, and 3 bridesmaids. Renato's Mom is on the stairs.

In the procession with Renato's Dad.

April and Renato exchange vows. I'm on the left.

Another picture of exchanging vows.

After the wedding each person is announced, including of course, me.

April and Renato share the first dance. Me, Dad, and Mom are in the background.

Still dancing.

Just people. I'm in the pink dress next to Dad. I think this was at the cake cutting.

I dance with my cousin Eric from San Francisco.

Eric and I laugh.

From left to right: Rob's wife Julie, Rob (my long lost brother), Mom, and Mom's husband Bill.

From left to right: Julie, April, Mom, Rob, me, and Bill

I ask Renato and April to intertwine their arms and drink champaigne.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Losing Kassie, take 2

April said that what I wrote sounded like Renato made her kill Kassie, and she says that's not the way it was at all. She wrote, "It was really for the best...she was not a happy camper...Just not herself and I hated watching her suffer like that, having trouble breathing, not sleeping at night, having to...put in a cage so I/we could sleep at night. She clawed at the cage till her feet or mouth bled. We got a muzzle for her just to protect her mouth while in the cage, so then she injured her leg trying to claw her way out...very sad for me and her... :("

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

What is Your True Gender?

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Just because I liked to listen to Michael Jackson songs at a time when all the kids did... I was a teenager in the 80s.

Losing Kassie

My sister's dog Kassie will be put down this morning. She has severe separation anxiety and will start shaking and having diarhea (sp) as soon as she is left alone. April's even tried medication to help poor Kassie's anxiety. April got married last month and the new home and husband isn't working out with Kassie. I think Renato finally pointed out that Kassie had no quality of life and talked her into this. April says Kassie's at peace maybe 2 hours a day.

She's an old, sick dog, but she's very sweet, would never hurt anyone. I liked her gentle nature better than my sister's other dog Bogie, who is large and boisterous. I wish I had had a chance to say good-bye to her when I was at April's wedding last month.

Good-bye, Kassie. Your auntie loves you.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Wedding pics of me

Here's pics of me from April's wedding. Yes, that's a wig I'm wearing. The person with me in the bottom pic is my cousin Eric from San Francisco. The dress I'm wearing is size 9 from Nordstrom.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

What to get me for Christmas...

If anyone wants to know what to get me for Christmas (are you listening, family?), check out my wish list. These are the thing I really want, not something you think I want that I really don't so it never gets used/worn/whatever.

If anyone I buy presents for wants to share their list with me, please do. I'll probably be checking out my friend Cynthia's list to see what I should get her for Christmas.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Amazon reviews

I've added a link to my reviews to the left hand column. I have a total of 8 now - 6 books and 2 products.

Mt. Davidson Cross

While we're on the subject of the Mt. Davidson cross in the previous post, here's an editorial I wrote on it for my college newspaper:

Keep the cross

Victoria Shephard
Staff writer

San Francisco voters will finally have a chance to vote this November on a battle begun in the courts several years ago. The historic Mt. Davidson cross, along with less than half an acre of land surrounding it, will be sold to an Armenian group pending voter approval.

Full article here.

Rabid atheists at it again

I saw this on CNN while I was at the gym.

Judge: School Pledge Is Unconstitutional

SAN FRANCISCO - A federal judge declared the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools unconstitutional Wednesday, a decision that could put the divisive issue on track for another round of Supreme Court arguments.

When I grew up I went to school every day and we started the day reciting the pledge. It was NOT a religious issue for me. My family was not religious, the neither was the public school I attended.

So we said, "under God." Big fat hairy deal! No one cared then, and most people don't care now except for an extremely vocal minority! For God's sake, just leave the pledge alone. And I'd say the same thing if I weren't a Christian. When I was a Pagan I had no problem with the Mt. Davidson cross (photo) in San Francisco. I didn't believe in the Christian faith at the time, so it was a complete non-issue for me.

The pledge only bothers a tiny minority of rabid God-haters. They must believe in God - it's impossible to so passionatly hate Something you honestly don't believe in. If they didn't believe, they wouldn't care.

It is truly a sad world our children will grow up in.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11: We Have Forgotten and We Haven't Learned a Thing...

ALa gives us a beautiful 9/11 tribute with a look back at terrorism going back to 1979 and all the way to 2005.

Turn your speakers up. There's a song she's put there. The song asks, "Have you forgotten?" Well, have you?

We MUST not forget, and I will NOT.

This link is worth it just for the song and pictures.

We Remember...

On this day, we remember.

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Sugar alcohols

Up to 152.4 this morning. My body seems to have this "set point" of 150 that it just won't stay below. But I don't want to be 150 for the rest of my life. I want to be 140!

Cheated a bit yesterday. Interesting that my weight was up Saturday even though I stayed within carbs on Friday. The only dietary indiscretion that day was the sugar free candy at the theater. Now I'm wondering if sugar alcohols are bad for me and I should have had the popcorn.

Up two days in a row. When will my body lose some weight?!?

Swam for an hour this morning.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Skepticism Chic and The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Movie review from a Christian point of view:

(AgapePress) - Raising questions is what The Exorcism of Emily Rose does best. The film is based very loosely on the true story of a young Bavarian university student, Anneliese Michel, who endured an exorcism in the mid-1970s spanning 10 months which ended in her death. The priests who performed the exorcism were arrested for negligent manslaughter and placed on trial. Emily Rose uses the courtroom as a framing device and reveals the story in flashbacks which are truly frightening. The dramatization the audience sees depends upon who is on the stand at the time. When believers for the defense tell the tale, Emily is shown as a woman initially beset, and then possessed, by demons. When skeptics testify, the same scenes are shown but now Emily is a victim of epilepsy and psychotic delusions. Little effort is made in the film to sort out fact from fiction -- viewers are placed in the role of the jury; we are left to decide the truth for ourselves.

Full story here.

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Here's more on the real story Anneliese Michel.

From the Washington Post, an article critical of the exorcism entitled, What in God's Name?!

From, an except from Secrets : On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation by Sissela Bok talking about Anneliese. Use the side arrows on the page to navigate forward for the whole story.

And this post on a forum gives more information on the case.

Another forum post retelling her story.
Collectors' Society message board

There is a book about it, but it's out of print and most copies are German.

Word Verification now on

I fnally had to turn on word verification due to spammers commenting with their ads. Sorry to everyone who actually READS my blog.

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

This film is based on a true story. Emily Rose is a 19-year-old girl who dies shortly after a failed exorcism. The priest who performed the exorcism is put on trial for negligent homicide. The story is told in flashbacks from the courtroom. I recommend the movie and enjoyed it. When it came time for the verdict, I found myself holding my breath, completely captivated.

The rating of the movie is PG-13 and is not as scary as The Exorcist. I like it for that. It's not just another horror flick. I don't like horror flicks. It seems to take possession more seriously by not going over the top, and definitely is sympathetic to the priest.

"A true story, the case of Michel is well known among those who study exorcisms. In 1976, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of an 18-year-old German college freshman. During her exorcism, the young woman died, and a priest stood trial for causing her death."

It seems the original title for the film was The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel. It is "based on a real court trial in the late 1970's in Bavaria."

From a link on that page I found this: It has a synopsis of the true story behind the film.

It begins:
"From her birth on the 21st of September, 1952, Anneliese Michel enjoyed the life of a normal, religiously nurtured young girl. Without warning, her life changed on a day in 1968 when she began shaking and found she was unable to control her body. She could not call out for her parents, Josef and Anna, or any of her 3 sisters. A neurologist at the Psychiatric Clinic Wurzburg diagnosed her with 'Grand Mal' epilepsy. Because of the strength of the epileptic fits, and the severity of the depression that followed, Anneliese was admitted for treatment at the hospital."

It's a very enlightening story.

Anyway, see the film if you can and tell me what you think of it.

The question this movie brings up for me is that of whether Christians can be possessed. I have always thought they couldn't. This movie challenges that, as does the true story behind it. The jury is still out for me on that, but the movie has made me question what I've been taught.

Movie and Diet Pills

The only excercise I got was to walk about a mile home from the movies to save myself waiting for the second bus. I think FitDay said only 45 calories.

I resisted popcorn at the theater and just had the sugar free pecan delights.

I'm taking Leptopril to try to boost my weight loss. I found a 95 pill bottle at GNC for $40, but with my Gold Card discount it was $32.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Photo of Hurricane Katrina

It's too big to use the img tag to show up here, but here's a direct link. I found the link courtesy of, the best site about rumors on the Internet.

Is Iraq a just war?

I've had mixed feeling about this war for a long time. What I do know is that, right or wrong, we now need to finish what we started. But that doesn't answer the question of whether or not the war was just. A friend sent me this article by someone who believes it is just. I present it without comment.

A War to Be Proud Of

LET ME BEGIN WITH A simple sentence that, even as I write it, appears less than Swiftian in the modesty of its proposal: "Prison conditions at Abu Ghraib have improved markedly and dramatically since the arrival of Coalition troops in Baghdad."

Full article here.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Al Qaeda's plan to take over the world

September 1, 2005: Al Qaeda has a plan, and it’s been published in a book (Al-Zarqawi: al Qaeda's Second Generation) by Jordanian journalist, Fouad Hussein. Several al Qaeda leaders were interviewed for the book, including al Qaeda’s man in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The book is only available in Arabic, but it does lay out a very straightforward strategy for world conquest. Actually, it sounds a lot like what the nazis and communists had in mind last century. The only difference is that, while the nazis killed you for who you were, and the communists killed you for what you believed,al Qaeda kills you for religious differences. No matter which zealot gets you, you're still dead.

According to Fouad Hussein, al Qaeda has a seven phase plan for world conquest. It goes like this.

Full story here. I found it very interesting. Scroll about halfway down the page (it's below the New Orleans stuff).

Discussion of this on CH Refugee (a great Christian forum I hang out at) here.

The Classic Dames Test

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Link: The Classic Dames Test written by gidgetgoes on Ok Cupid

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fred Phelps is a Liberal Dem!

Imagine my surprize to find this out yesterday.

Blogger "ALa" tells us the results of her research:

After reading that Phelps and his hateful Westboro Baptist followers protested more soldiers funerals with "god hates fags" signs, I decided to research this man a bit... I found his biography to be fascinating--in a horrifying, deranged sort-of way...

Read the full entry here.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

What Planet Are You From?

You Are From Saturn

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cowgirls Inc.

Cowgirls is not the kind of bar I'd normally go to; I only went because it was April's party and I was invited. As her sister I had to go and pretend to have a good time.

This was the second and last bar we went to for April's bachelorette party. It was WILD. VERY wild. There were scantily clad women dancing on the bar, shaking their "assets" at people. Occationally a patron not employed there would also get up and dance. There was a machanical bull that was very busy. Rides were free but they asked for donations and a waiver had to be signed. They started slow and would ramp it up until the person fell off. April got up there and one lady in our group with a video feature on her camera got video of it. (Blackmail time!)

Anyway, the drinks were flowing, the music was loud, the women on the bar were dancing, and one woman opperating the bull had a ripped up t-shirt on which read "Sinners Welcome" on the back. Amid all this flesh I felt an old stirring within me. I wanted to chuck God and be a part of this scene with looked so glamerous and felt so wonderful. The "old man" was trying to raise out of his coffin.

I could fight it off, but I am continually surprized by these tendencies within me. I think they are within a lot of Christians, no matter how supernatural of a conversion experience someone may have had. We can deny them, we can put them to death daily, but as long as we are in the body they will still be there, sleeping, waiting for something to awaken it.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Starting over again

Well, I managed to balloon up to 156 pounds over vacation. Actually, it was higher than that, but I'm already on day 2 of being back on plan.

I ate too much, drank too much, and got too little sleep at my sister's wedding. I also came down with a cold, which turned out to be a blessing because I didn't go into work at all this week, but I also got no excercise. Then when I came back from the wedding I binged on a large pizza and CinnaStix, and yes, ate the whole thing myself. I needed to get that out of my system.

Anyway, my mini goal by the end of September (which I may or may not make) is 145 (11 pounds). I am currently 16 pounds from my final goal. 11 pounds is doable because some of it is water weight from the huge number of carbs I've been eating.

So here I am...starting over again from scratch. September is a new month and a new start.

Yesterday I did good - 1904 calories, 125g of fat, and 36g of carbs.

My Bridesmaid's Dress

Here's the dress I wore as the Maid of Honor. It's from Nordstrom.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Latest Xena/Abby pics

They are old pics, but I just got them up because I'm home sick. At least this cold has meant some good computer time for me.

Abby's latest:

The second picture on this page of Xena is "new":

Xena has grown into a beautiful young lady:

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

They are FINALLY done!

2005 Bay To Breakers race (May 15)

2005 cruise to Alaska (May 29-June 4)

2005 General Conference (August 7-13)

No pics from my sister's wedding yet.