Wednesday, June 16, 1993

poem: The Broken Torch

The Broken Torch
I walk down a hallway of lackluster light,
Feeling how bad lonliness can bite,
And wondering if I'll ever find the light,
Of a new day dawning in my heart.

I fight my way through the days so cold,
The stone in my heart gives miseries untold,
And after five days this song and dance is so old,
And I just want to go home.

It's true tonight what he spoke to me,
If anything happens, it's I who'll make it be,
But sometimes in the dark it's just so hard to see,
And sometimes I can't light the torch.

I find it hard to just embrace the storm,
To leave behind all that's safe and warm,
As me and the known asunder are torn,
And God I'm feeling homesick tonight.

Now I'm center stage and on my own,
It's all up to me and I feel so alone,
And the certaintly of it chills me to the bone,
And I need some help to get by.

So friend I leave you now with this,
A final hug and one last kiss,
Then voyage I must into the mist,
And out lives part, broken by fate.