Thursday, October 29, 2009

Horrible hunger, and Halloween plans

Calories eaten yesterday: 1713
Fat: 29g (16%)
Carbs: 116g (29%)
Protein: 216g (54%)
Weight this morning: 130.6
Calories burned in exercise today: 277

Up another half pounds today. That's 1 1/2 pounds gained in two days. :( I know I ate too much yesterday. I was so hungry when I got home that I had two cups of cottage cheese instead of one and then had a can of Light Progresso soup. I can't even maintain my weight on 1700 calories.

I am just obsessed with food of late and really hungry. This morning I had a cup of egg whites for breakfast, but was still hungry so then I had a cup of cottage cheese. I started craving yesterday and ate a little more to quash it, but the cravings are stronger today.

So far I haven't given in. Resisting the snack shop at the laundromat and all the fast food restaurants on my walks around town was hard, but I made it to work safely. I know I'll eat too much today but I just want to keep from binging.

Weekend plans:
Make pancakes tomorrow for Brad's birthday breakfast Saturday. Hit Costco and Safeway for groceries with Brad.

trick or treat sigSaturday is church in the morning and the new Michael Jackson movie in the afternoon. Since we'll miss lunch at church I'll grab some snacks to take to the movie and we'll also get popcorn. I paid for the tickets but at least Brad will buy the popcorn. He's also going to get a drink, but as a rule I don't drink much during movies because then I have to miss part of it to use the bathroom. :-p

With any luck we'll be home by around 6 and will hopefully get a few trick-or-treaters. I have no idea what this neighborhood will be like because we were gone last year at a party.

I'm planning on wearing my renaissance peasant costume the whole day (photo). :)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Is It - The Movie!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1189
Fat: 16g (13%)
Carbs: 94g (34%)
Protein: 140g (53%)
Weight this morning: 130
Calories burned in exercise today: 380

Up a pound from yesterday. Ug!

I'm kind of tired but I went to the gym anyway. I needed to stop at Pac N Save for salad on the way in so I cut my weight training short by 10 minutes. So I did 50 minutes of weight training, 40 minutes on the stairmaster (level 7), and walked in to work from the train, stopping at the grocery store (35 minutes).

Well, this weekend is all set! Sunday is Brad's 50th birthday. I have no money to take him out to dinner or buy him a present, so I told him I would make him breakfast Saturday morning - anything he wanted. He chose pancakes, eggs, and turkey bacon. I have low-carb pancake mix (soy free!) and egg whites. I'll make the pancakes on Friday and save me the time Saturday morning.

Saturday after church we are going to see the new Michael Jackson movie This Is It. It premiers today and I don't know how crowded it will be on Saturday so I bought tickets online today for the 3 pm showing. I'm psyched! Michael Jackson was my idol in the 80s.

Going to the movies is a splurge, but some movies have to be seen on the big screen. Pay-Per-View won't cut it for this.

Saturday is Halloween and I plan on having some candy and popcorn at the theater so I won't weight in on Sunday. I bought a small bag on "fun size" Hershey's bars in case we get any trick or treaters. I don't think we'll get many, if any at all, so I didn't want to buy much candy.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pounds and Pounds of Protein Powder

Calories eaten yesterday: 1389
Fat: 25g (18%)
Carbs: 77g (26%)
Protein: 171g (56%)
Weight this morning: 129
Calories burned in exercise today: 88

Today I went into the City. I walked to the train station. When I checked my mail the property check was there (yay!) so I deposited it. GNC had a sale on protein powder (buy one get one half off) so I stocked up with two 5 lb. containers of chocolate whey protein. When I got back across the bay I couldn't walk the 1 1/2 miles to work with my Pullman backpack plus 10 lbs. of protein powder so I took the bus into work.

I feel tired but hopefully I will feel well enough to hit the gym tomorrow.

Look like no gym next week. I have to work until 3 a.m. on Nov. 3rd and midnight on Nov. 5th. :-p I need the overtime badly.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Gym, the Bulb, and Fun at Work

Calories eaten yesterday: 972
Fat: 15g (15%)
Carbs: 77g (35%)
Protein: 109g (51%)
Weight this morning: 132.4
Calories burned in exercise today: 388

I finally made it to the gym today - first time in about 10 days. I'm feeling much better, having fought off whatever crud is going around at work right now.

I did an hour of weight training and 40 minutes on one of the newer ellipticals. I topped it all off by walking into work from the train station (30 minutes).

I was too tired to go into the City and check my mail last week; hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

I found the name of the place Brad and I found on Saturday. It's in Albany and it's called The Bulb. There are quite a lot of photos on Flickr. Eventually mine will be added. :)

Stuff is getting fun at work again. Christmas Day falls on a Friday this year and S. wants the day off to see her family. She says she only gets to see them once a year. Um...I work every Christmas and I haven't complained. I think I might have asked for one Christmas off (maybe!) and maybe two Thanksgivings in the 10 years I've worked here. Any other Christmases I've had off was only because it fell on one of my days off. I work every Thanksgiving because it's always on a Thursday and that's a regular work day for me. I don't complain and I make the best of it.

Why can't S. fly out to see her family the week before or after Christmas and celebrate Christmas then? I'm seeing my mom and her husband for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. I'm sure it can be worked out.

I have to work Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve this year. It's a rare Christmas Day that I get off and I'm not giving it up because one of our part-time workers decides she deserves it off more than the rest of us. We all have to work holidays. It's the nature of our work here. I work holidays and the part-timers have to pull their weight too.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week 116 Weigh-In

Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 25: 137.6
Week 50: 138.4 - Week 75: 137.6
Week 100: 140 - Week 101: 138.4 (-1.6)
Week 102: 138.6 (+0.2) - Week 103: 139.4 (+0.8)
Week 104: 136.4 (-3) - Week 105: 137.8 (+1.4)
Week 106: 137.8 (-0) - Week 107: 138.2 (+0.4)
Week 108: 137.4 (-0.8) - Week 109: 136 (-1.4)
Week 110: 133 (-3) - Week 111: 134.2 (+1.2)
Week 112: 132.8 (-1.4) - Week 113: 135.4 (+2.6)
Week 114: 136 (+0.6) - Week 115: 139.8 (+3.8)
Week 116: 137.8 (-2)
Total loss since I began dieting and exercising in 2004: -68.2
Total loss since starting a low-fat diet: -16.2

Ok, now to catch up on other stats.

Calories eaten Thursday: 1416
Fat: 18g (13%)
Carbs: 89g (28%)
Protein: 145g (46%)

Calories eaten Friday: 1583
Fat: 30g (18%)
Carbs: 79g (22%)
Protein: 152g (40%)

Weight Thursday morning: 129
Weight Friday morning: 126.2
Weight Saturday morning: 137.2
Weight this morning: 137.8

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 277
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 0
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 268
Calories burned in exercise today: 0

I gained 4 pounds last week and lost only two this week. My body hates me. And the only reason I lost is because I had dinner early last night and drank a bunch of water before bed so the alcohol I drank wouldn't dehydrate me and cause my body to hold onto more water.

Friday after Brad got off we went to Costco for salad and Safeway for other groceries. We went to his Safeway but they didn't have half of what I wanted and little Brad wanted, so we went to my Safeway after that to get the rest.

Saturday after church we took a walk around the Point Isabel area and found this cool sculpture garden. It used to be much better, but is now run down with just a few metal sculptures still standing at the water's edge. I took pictures but don't have them edited and uploaded yet.

After our walk we went to Costco so I could get their chocolate frozen yogurt. Then we drove to Applebee's. I had two Mochatinis and Brad had a bottle of Sam Adams.

When we arrived home we relaxed for a while and then walked up to Little Caesar's for their $5 pizza deal. We got home and scarfed that down, then relaxed some more and ended up going to bed early.

I was too tired to get up when my alarm went off so I decided not to hike today and sleep in. I've just been so tired lately. While relaxing with coffee and getting ready for work the new neighbor two apartments down came over to introduce herself. Her name is Julia and we had a nice chat.

After this Brad drove me to work and he headed back to our apartment to do his laundry.

Tomorrow I hope to go to the gym but I have been so tired lately that I don't know if I'll make it. I want to because I didn't make it to the gym at all last week, but I have been so exhausted. :(

Book review - Laci

Laci: Inside the Laci Peterson Murder by Michael Fleeman

This book is not as good as the previous book I read - "Written In Blood" by Diane Fanning. It was merely okay. This book is about the Scott and Laci Peterson case in California.

I know a bit more about this case since it happened not too far from where I live and the trial was held even closer. I remembered a lot of details, but the book filled in many details I had forgotten or was not aware of. Unlike the "other" Peterson case in South Carolina, police focused in on Scott right away. He was being watched and his phone tapped long before he was arrested.

Unfortunately, the book fails to deliver at the very end. Neither the original ending or the update left me satisfied. Less than four pages are devoted to the entire trial. After being treated to a length (and well written) rendition in Ms. Fanning's book, this left me wanting more.

What happened at the trial? How did the witnesses fare? Who was called as witnesses? How did the jury react to each witness? We are never told. I liked the book up until this huge let down at the end. I am left wondering if Scott is really guilty.

There has got to be a better book about the Laci Peterson case than this. It's as if it was released in a hurry, the four page trial section tacked on quickly in order to make sales while the topic was still on people's minds.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feeling a little better

Calories eaten yesterday: 1116
Fat: 15g (13%)
Carbs: 85g (33%)
Protein: 133g (54%)
Weight this morning: 129
Calories burned in exercise today: 277

Did laundry today and got in lots of walking - over 1 1/2 hours. I walked down to the laundromat and back, then down to the train station, then from my stop into work.

I'm feeling better today - not as tired and on the edge of sickness like I have. I think taking Tuesday off really helped.

Tomorrow is the usual Friday running around after Brad gets off work - Costco for salad and Safeway for other groceries.

Saturday after church we don't have any plans except that I want to have Mochatinis at Applebee's (my payday treat) and get the Little Caesar's $5 pizza deal for dinner.

I'll be back Sunday with my weigh-in and hopefully I'll lose some weight for once. I'm getting dangerously close to 140 on a Sunday morning. :-p

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still tired

Calories eaten Monday: 1031
Fat: 20g (19%)
Carbs: 56g (24%)
Protein: 136g (57%)
Weight Tuesday morning: 132
Calories burned in exercise Tuesday: 70

Calories eaten yesterday: 1281
Fat: 22g (16%)
Carbs: 88g (29%)
Protein: 129g (43%)
Weight this morning: 131.2
Calories burned in exercise today: 117

Took yesterday off as a sick day. I didn't feel sick per se, but didn't feel well either. I mostly just felt tired and did plenty of sleeping. I got up shortly after Brad left at 8 a.m. and walked up to Safeway. I bought chicken breast and cooked it when I got home, then took a nap for a few hours. I went to bed fairly early last night though I woke up at 2 or 3 a.m. and ate a bunch of cottage cheese that I'd put in my food journal for the day but hadn't eaten yet.

Today I slept in, did about 40 minutes of walking, then took the bus the rest of the way into work. Tomorrow I can't sleep in because it's laundry day.

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Monday, October 19, 2009


Calories eaten yesterday: 785
Fat: 14g (18%)
Carbs: 55g (32%)
Protein: 88g (50%)
Weight this morning: 132
Calories burned in exercise today: 0

I feel so tired. Not just normal tiredness, but excessive tiredness. I want to take tomorrow off work because I don't feel well, but so far I can't find a fill in. I want to do no more than sleep. I couldn't care less about anything other than that. Maybe I will see if Brad and Lisa can do 12s.

I'm too tired to do anything. I skipped the gym, took the bus into work, and didn't do any walking. I'm just too tired to care. Blah. I think I will skip the mail run tomorrow and just sleep as much as possible.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 115 Weigh-In

Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 25: 137.6
Week 50: 138.4 - Week 75: 137.6
Week 100: 140 - Week 101: 138.4 (-1.6)
Week 102: 138.6 (+0.2) - Week 103: 139.4 (+0.8)
Week 104: 136.4 (-3) - Week 105: 137.8 (+1.4)
Week 106: 137.8 (-0) - Week 107: 138.2 (+0.4)
Week 108: 137.4 (-0.8) - Week 109: 136 (-1.4)
Week 110: 133 (-3) - Week 111: 134.2 (+1.2)
Week 112: 132.8 (-1.4) - Week 113: 135.4 (+2.6)
Week 114: 136 (+0.6) - Week 115: 139.8 (+3.8)
Total loss since I began dieting and exercising in 2004: -66.2
Total loss since starting a low-fat diet: -14.2

Now to catch up on other stats.

Calories eaten Thursday: 1386
Fat: 20g (14%)
Carbs: 93g (30%)
Protein: 138g (44%)

Calories eaten Friday: 1497
Fat: 28g (18%)
Carbs: 83g (24%)
Protein: 127g (36%)

Weight Saturday morning: 130.6
Weight this morning: 139.8

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 277
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 0
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 102
Calories burned in exercise today: 0

I gained 4 pounds since two weeks ago and feel like a fat fuck today. :-p I suck so bad. It's the binge I had over a week ago and the enormous amount of crap I ate yesterday. I am such a failure at weight loss. Every calories I eat goes straight to my belly and thighs. If I starve myself I can actually maintain. :-p

rum cakeFriday I made the rum cake I was going to. That's a photo of it there. Click it for a larger size. It came out pretty good, though it's a bit heavy on the rum. I made it low-fat and lower carb by doing healthy subs. :) I'm going to try it again. Brad and the neighbor both tried it and said it was good. :)

After Brad got off work we went to Costco, WalMart, and Safeway for stuff. We bought a bunch of stuff for church at Costco with the money the pastor's wife gave me.

Saturday after church Brad did his laundry. I went with him and ate a nice unhealthy snack at the snack shop there, but then I got bored so I walked up to Safeway for yogurts and a banana. When Brad came back we went to Starbucks and tried to go to Tuttimelon but they didn't have the chocolate yogurt.

We went to another yogurt shop and could tell the difference at first bite. Their yogurt was chock full of fat, sugar, and calories! We will not be going there again. I'd rather go without than eat frozen yogurt that's as unhealthy as ice cream. :-p The Tuttimelon yogurt is fat-free with only a small amount of added sugar. The chocolate flavor even has no added sugar.

Then we got burritos at Geraldo's but we ate so late that it just turned to fat overnight and made my weight gain worse.

I wanted to go hiking today but I haven't felt well for almost a week now. Part of it is my thyroid meds messing with my energy levels, and part is that I feel like I'm fighting off a cold or something. I don't feel sick, but I don't feel healthy either. I felt okay yesterday, but today I felt blah again and wanted to sleep more than I wanted to hike. So we hung out at home and had coffee and relaxed. I'm taking Zicam and Airborne, plus keeping up on my Vitamin D.

Brad drove me to work and we stopped at WalMart to pick up my anti-depressant medication refill that I asked for when we stopped there on Friday.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The importance of Vitamin D

Calories eaten yesterday: 1395
Fat: 26g (18%)
Carbs: 90g (28%)
Protein: 169g (54%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 277

I feel like I've been fighting something for days. One lady here where I work has been sick and did miss one day of work, so I'm probably fighting whatever she has. I started taking Airborne last night and Zicam this morning. So far I don't have anything full blown, but my throat has felt weird all week.

The best thing you can do to keep from getting sick (and something I've been doing for over a year now) - take Vitamin D, get tested, and keep those levels between 50 and 80 ng/mL (or 125–200 nM/L). I likely would be sick by now if it weren't the the 4400IU of Vitamin D I take per day. I take two 2000IU pills a day, plus my multivitamin has 400IU in it.

Vitamin D can also help protect against seasonal flu and swine flu.

Today I did laundry and a lot of walking - down to the laundromat and back, then down to the train, and then from my step to work. One hour 35 minutes total.

I asked Brad to stop on the way home (it feels weird to say that) and pick up three final ingredients I need to make the rum cake tomorrow. My first attempt (!), and I'm doing it from scratch so I can make it healthier.

After Brad gets off work we need to go to Costco for salad, plus my church gave me some money and asked me to buy stuff for them (snacks and paper plates), then we're heading to Safeway for other groceries. Brad added me to his account last Friday so I now have my own Costco card. :) I can't get there without him taking me, but it will make things simpler if he doesn't have to physically be with me when I checkout.

I'll be back Sunday with my weekend update and weigh-in. :)

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So tired...

Calories eaten yesterday: 1186
Fat: 19g (15%)
Carbs: 106g (37%)
Protein: 135g (48%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 334

So tired today. I think maybe the let down from my Armour dosage is hitting me again. I had no strength at the gym and didn't even attempt weight training. Still, I didn't drag myself there for nothing so I did an hour on one of the new the ellipticals. Took the train to my stop and walked into work from the station for another 30 minutes.

I didn't take an official weight this morning, but I did peek at the scale. I've gained a few pounds from my binging last week, but it could be worse.

It's getting cold. I think it's time to pull the blanket off the bed and get the comforter out. I'm freezing and the heater is on whenever I am home.

Tomorrow is laundry and then Friday I'm going to attempt a healthier version of a rum cake recipe I have. I just hope it doesn't stick to the bundt pan! I'm going to attempt it with half 100% whole wheat flour and half wheat gluten, subbing whole eggs with egg whites, sugar with Splenda, and butter with applesauce. I will use coconut oil for the glaze though.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs

Calories eaten yesterday: 1402
Fat: 27g (19%)
Carbs: 90g (28%)
Protein: 168g (53%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 0

Redwood ParkHere's a photo from Sunday's hike with Brad in Redwood Park. Click the photo for a larger size.

It's pouring rain today - the first big storm of our wet season. The first storm always happens within two weeks of Halloween so it's pretty much on time. Anyway, today was my day to walk part of the way to work for exercise and to save on bus fare, but due to the rain I had to take the bus. I took the long way in so that I just paid the $2.25 bus fare and no train fare. I wore my waterproof hiking boots to keep my feet dry. Tennis shoes wouldn't help; the rain is too heavy.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to the gym.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm an auntie again!

Calories eaten yesterday: 858
Fat: 29g (32%)
Carbs: 76g (37%)
Protein: 64g (31%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 374

I'm tired today. I had trouble sleeping last night. I got up and went to the gym. I did 55 minutes of weight training and 40 minutes of cardio on the stairmaster. I love dripping sweat on the floor. :) I walked to work from BART but am totally beat now. I couldn't even do leg lefts in the Captain's Chair at the gym. I had to settle for bending my knees to my chest and even that was hard. I just had so little strength.

I am back on my diet and will hopefully stay on it this time. Hopefully subbing the chicken back in will calm my cravings.

Tomorrow is hopefully a sleep in day for me. :)

my nephew MaxwellOh...if I forgot to mention it, my sister had her baby! Welcome to little Maxwell born on October 9. :) Starting here, click on the thumbnail on the far right hand side to see Maxwell, Mom, Dad, and big sister Marina (now 2 years old). Mom and baby are both doing fine.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

No weigh-in, but a hike!

me with ice creamI've been on a four day binge, eating crap and stuffing myself whether I was hungry or not. Here's a photo of me yesterday with Rocky Road ice cream (my favorite!). Click the photo to see a larger size.

I've been considering what sets me off on binging so I can correct it. So far the only trigger I can find is that I recently subbed out my chicken breast dinner with a cup of cottage cheese. I may need the extra calories and protein in the chicken so I'm going to sub it back and see if that helps me stay on track.

Today I am doing a 24 hour fast. After four days of binging I'm not very hungry anyway so that will be easy. Needless to say I am not going near the scale. I don't want to know how much I gained. :-p

On a good note, Brad and I got up at a reasonable hour and got about three hours of hiking in. FitDay says I burned 809 calories, but I doubt it was that much.

After all the hiking and no food (because I'm not hungry) I am tired. :-p

Anyway, this time I am back on track for real. No more crappy food and tomorrow I hope to make it to the gym.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

All moved in!

Mini binge yesterday. :(
Weight this morning: 135.6 (up four pounds since yesterday)
Calories burned in exercise today: 277

Brad is officially moved in! He got his stuff from Nicole's trailer yesterday and so if officially at my house. He's not holding up half the rent or anything. Right now I am demanding $100 a month plus half the utilities. He still owes me $50 for the water bill. So far he hasn't given me one dime toward anything.

To those who think men and women shouldn't live together, perhaps I should explain a bit about the housing situation in this area. Where I live people share living quarters all the time.

Up until I got my own place six years ago I always shared housing arrangements, often with men. It's just the way things are done around here, out of necessity.

Do you know what my rent is every month? Keep in mind that I live in a tiny shoebox apartment. I fork out $725 a month - for a shoebox! That's the going rate around here. After I left my last apartment they re-rented that (also a studio apartment) for $800!

Everyone who knows Brad and I knows we aren't doing anything. Just about everybody thinks we should live together to cut down on expenses - my family and even the people at church.

I also live in a very bad area. In the last six years I have been robbed at gunpoint, had my purse snatched, and had my iPod Touch stolen ($300). My apartment has bars on the back now after another unit was broken into. Welcome to where I live.

Having Brad around probably prevented my apartment from being broken into. A guy was trying to "case" my apartment (a single female is an easy mark), but backed off when Brad came to the door. If the people in the neighborhood think we are an item, all the better. I don't need to be messed with. And if Brad ever gets my ring back from the jewelers I'll look like I'm married to him.

Now for some fun stuff. I found some old photos of me and had them scanned. Click on the photo to see them in a larger size. The first one is me backpacking in Yosemite in 1989. I was 18. The second photo is my senior high school yearbook photo, taken when I was 17. It's hard to believe these were taken 20 years ago!

backpacking in Yosemite high school yearbook photo

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

So tired...

Calories eaten yesterday: 1215
Fat: 18g (13%)
Carbs: 133g (44%)
Protein: 110g (36%)
Weight this morning: 131.6
Calories burned in exercise today: 277

Up about a pound from yesterday. Must have been the weight of all the salad I stuffed myself with yesterday. I was starving and ate lots of extra salad to fill me up.

Too tired to do anything today. I dragged myself through a half-assed gym workout of 40 minutes of weight training and 45 minutes of cardio. On the cardio I was in the upper "fat burning"/lower cardio zones the whole time. I just couldn't get my heart rate up where I wanted it.

I paid to take the bus from the train station instead of walking. I'm just beat after feeling good the last two days.

Tomorrow is laundry day. Hopefully I will feel better.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Living together

Calories eaten yesterday: 1301
Fat: 24g (19%)
Carbs: 96g (33%)
Protein: 141g (48%)
Weight this morning: 130.8
Calories burned in exercise today: 190

Went in San Francisco to check my P.O. Box today. Exercise was walking to the train station (30 minutes), and then from my stop into work when I returned (35 minutes).

Tomorrow I hope to get back to the gym again, though I am sore for yesterday's workout. I'll just have to take it easier. I pushed myself pretty hard on Monday. :)

Before I talk about Brad I want to make one thing perfectly clear in case there is any doubt. Brad and I are NOT am item. We are not dating, we are not in love, and we are most certainly NOT having a sexual relationship.

Brad sleeps on a cot on my floor. We do not share a bed. Even though he is divorced he considers himself married to his wife in the eyes on God. He will not consider remarrying unless his wife were to die, and I respect that. I even like it. I know he won't come after me. He is just a good friend. I do not believe in sex before marriage.

Okay, hopefully our living arrangement is clear now.

Brad still doesn't have his stuff out of Nicole's trailer. He's been saying he'll do it "tomorrow" for three straight days now. I fear that it will go past Thursday and then feel sorry for her and give her extra because a few of his items were there longer than he was paid for. :-p

I've also made it clear that my fridge is 1) to small for both of up, and 2) that Brad keeps things for himself that are a serious temptation for me. If we are going to live together in any apartment we need a mini fridge for him to keep the tempting stuff in. Last night I found Colby cheese sitting out on the counter when I got home. I had to resist the temptation to eat it and instead stick it in my fridge. I also found Cheese-Whiz sitting out, uncapped. Brad just does not put things away.

I offered to buy Brad a mini fridge for his use and he can pay me back. Costco doesn't take Discover, but they do take checks, and I have checks from Discover. The fridge Costco has that we need is $150.

He can still keep other stuff in my fridge - his fatty sausages don't pose a temptation to me, for example. The only issue there is finding enough room. The fridge in my apartment is a "junior" size, not a regular full-size fridge.

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Week 115, Day 2

Calories eaten yesterday: 993
Fat: 18g (18%)
Carbs: 75g (33%)
Protein: 111g (49%)
Weight this morning: 132.8
Calories burned in exercise today: 417

I was so hungry yesterday - much worse than usual for a Sunday. When I finally got home from work I ate two salads to help fill me up before having my usual sugar-free Jello and cottage cheese.

Made it to the gym today. I did one hour of weight training and 40 minutes on one of the older elliptical machines. I walked to work from the train for (as usual) extra exercise and to save the bus fare.

Brad's little Bible study that he runs went really long yesterday so he never made it to Concord and spent the night at my house. Hopefully he will clean out his stuff in Concord tonight, though he is waffling on getting out there and now says it might be "tomorrow." He said that his contract with Nicole is up this Thursday and he'll consider his contract with me after that.

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Week 114 Weigh-In

Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 25: 137.6
Week 50: 138.4 - Week 75: 137.6
Week 100: 140 - Week 101: 138.4 (-1.6)
Week 102: 138.6 (+0.2) - Week 103: 139.4 (+0.8)
Week 104: 136.4 (-3) - Week 105: 137.8 (+1.4)
Week 106: 137.8 (-0) - Week 107: 138.2 (+0.4)
Week 108: 137.4 (-0.8) - Week 109: 136 (-1.4)
Week 110: 133 (-3) - Week 111: 134.2 (+1.2)
Week 112: 132.8 (-1.4) - Week 113: 135.4 (+2.6)
Week 114: 136 (+0.6)
Total loss since starting a low-fat diet: -18
Total loss since I began dieting and exercising in 2004: -70

I knew I'd gain weight and am happy that it was only a little over half a pound from my last weight-in two weeks ago. I just gotta keep restricting and exercising. Today's weight of 136 is my goal weight so it could be a lot worse. I want to go lower, though. I feel fat at 136.

Body fat on Tanita scale:
Year start: 25.9%
Last test (August): 25.7%
This month: 25.2%

Ok, now to catch up on other stats.

Calories eaten Thursday: 1298
Fat: 20g (15%)
Carbs: 101g (35%)
Protein: 110g (37%)

Mini binge Friday night. It was fairly healthy, but way too much. :(

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 277
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 0
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 89
Calories burned in exercise today: 306

Friday I stayed home and baked the communion bread for church, plus my own made-up bread recipe for Brad and I to share. It came out much better than the last try. It was still a little dry, but not nearly as bad.

The owner left the front apartment open since I wanted Brad to see it. When he came over after work he looked at it. He noticed a decided lack of enough electrical outlets. I called Colleen and asked her to ask Roger (the owner) if more can be installed.

For example, there is only one electrical outlet in the kitchen, behind the refrigerator. When am I going to plug in the coffee maker, fish tack, blender, etc.? There is also one outlet in the living room and one in the bedroom. There is none is the bathroom right now, but the bathroom is completely torn up and I assume one will be installed when it is finished.

Other than the outlet issue Brad liked the apartment and it could work for us. It's a small one bedroom, but we don't need a lot of space - just enough for us each to have our own space.

After looking at the apartment we went to Costco for salad and then Safeway. We were in for the rest of the evening.

Point Pinole looking toward San FranciscoSaturday after church we did a short walk at Point Pinole. I wasn't wearing good walking shoes or we would have gone farther. Brad saw a Costco nearby that he'd never been to and wanted to look around so we went there. I was craving chocolate frozen yogurt and bought it as Costco instead of spending a lot more money at Tuttimelon.

We made another stop at the Safeway by my house to buy more Yoplait Light yogurt because I ate the yogurt meant for Saturday on Friday night. I bought a double tall skinny vanilla latte and a piece of reduced fat coffee cake at the Starbucks in the store.

Dinner was tofu pan-fried in a little olive oil. I know soy protein isn't healthy, but I miss tofu and figure it won't hurt me to have it occasionally. I'd been craving it and Brad cooked it well. :)

Today we did some hiking in the Redwood Park area - a little over an hour. It was very hilly, but awesome. There were a lot of people out. The weather was good but is starting to turn to autumn and get cooler.

After the hike Brad dropped me off at work. He said he would go home and cut and portion the salad he said he'd do yesterday. I also asked him to scoop the litter box because I forgot to do that yesterday.

He said he's made his decision and will move his stuff out of Nicole's place. He's very slow about these things so he will be staying out there tonight and maybe tomorrow night. After that he will more or less move in with me.

The lady who's showing the studio apartments told me that I do not have a parking place. I didn't need one when I moved in because Brad only stayed on weekends. Brad can apply for one when and if he ever gets his application in, but it may already be too late. There are only three spots and two are already taken. I told Brad to finish and mail the application ASAP if he wants to avoid parking on the street.

The rest of the true crime books I ordered on Amazon must have come Friday because I found the package when I came into work today. Yay! More reading material. I am almost finished with my current book Laci, about the Laci Peterson case that happened right here in California.

Tomorrow I hope to hit the gym.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Book review - Written In Blood

Written In Blood by Diane Fanning

I watched The Stairase by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, chronicling (primarily) the defense side of Michael Peterson's murder trial. Watching that "documentary" makes one wonder why the man was ever convicted. I determined to learn the whole story, not the lopsided film Lastrade produced.

This book delivered, laying forth all the evidence that Lastrade overlooked. If you've seen Lastrade's documentary or wondered about the inside workings and evidence of the Peterson case, this book is for you.

Fanning tells the whole story from beginning to end and gives a better view of the prosecution side and all the evidence against Mr. Peterson. Wow, did Lastrade ever leave so much stuff out! This book gives a much more well-rounded telling of the case than the film ever did.

Fanning writes in a way that even the most boring parts either aren't boring or are blessedly short. I devoured the book and had a hard time putting it down. I will have to read other stuff by her. The book was just too good.

If you like reading true crime books then don't miss this one!

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Week 114, Day 5 (again)

Calories eaten yesterday: 1288
Fat: 26g (19%)
Carbs: 73g (24%)
Protein: 136g (43%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 277

I will do better tomorrow and not binge so I can weigh-in on Sunday. I'm still avoiding the scale. Maybe I'll peek tomorrow and see how I'm doing. I'm so hungry and am eating a buttload of salad do deal with it.

Exercise today was a lot of walking - a little over an hour and a half and about 4.8 miles. I walking down to the laundromat and back, then down to the train station, then from my stop to work. Whew!

As a reminder to everyone, I'm putting all my thyroid-related thoughts into this post now. I update it as needed.

Weekend plans - Brad and I will Costco for salad and Safeway for other groceries on Friday. I also have to bake communion bread on Friday for church on Saturday. Saturday we are having communion at church. Saturday afternoon plans I am not sure yet. With any luck we can relax at home.

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