Thursday, October 15, 2009

The importance of Vitamin D

Calories eaten yesterday: 1395
Fat: 26g (18%)
Carbs: 90g (28%)
Protein: 169g (54%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 277

I feel like I've been fighting something for days. One lady here where I work has been sick and did miss one day of work, so I'm probably fighting whatever she has. I started taking Airborne last night and Zicam this morning. So far I don't have anything full blown, but my throat has felt weird all week.

The best thing you can do to keep from getting sick (and something I've been doing for over a year now) - take Vitamin D, get tested, and keep those levels between 50 and 80 ng/mL (or 125–200 nM/L). I likely would be sick by now if it weren't the the 4400IU of Vitamin D I take per day. I take two 2000IU pills a day, plus my multivitamin has 400IU in it.

Vitamin D can also help protect against seasonal flu and swine flu.

Today I did laundry and a lot of walking - down to the laundromat and back, then down to the train, and then from my step to work. One hour 35 minutes total.

I asked Brad to stop on the way home (it feels weird to say that) and pick up three final ingredients I need to make the rum cake tomorrow. My first attempt (!), and I'm doing it from scratch so I can make it healthier.

After Brad gets off work we need to go to Costco for salad, plus my church gave me some money and asked me to buy stuff for them (snacks and paper plates), then we're heading to Safeway for other groceries. Brad added me to his account last Friday so I now have my own Costco card. :) I can't get there without him taking me, but it will make things simpler if he doesn't have to physically be with me when I checkout.

I'll be back Sunday with my weekend update and weigh-in. :)

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