Saturday, October 24, 2009

Book review - Laci

Laci: Inside the Laci Peterson Murder by Michael Fleeman

This book is not as good as the previous book I read - "Written In Blood" by Diane Fanning. It was merely okay. This book is about the Scott and Laci Peterson case in California.

I know a bit more about this case since it happened not too far from where I live and the trial was held even closer. I remembered a lot of details, but the book filled in many details I had forgotten or was not aware of. Unlike the "other" Peterson case in South Carolina, police focused in on Scott right away. He was being watched and his phone tapped long before he was arrested.

Unfortunately, the book fails to deliver at the very end. Neither the original ending or the update left me satisfied. Less than four pages are devoted to the entire trial. After being treated to a length (and well written) rendition in Ms. Fanning's book, this left me wanting more.

What happened at the trial? How did the witnesses fare? Who was called as witnesses? How did the jury react to each witness? We are never told. I liked the book up until this huge let down at the end. I am left wondering if Scott is really guilty.

There has got to be a better book about the Laci Peterson case than this. It's as if it was released in a hurry, the four page trial section tacked on quickly in order to make sales while the topic was still on people's minds.

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