Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finding my "sweet spot"

Had a doc appointment today and saw my latest test results. So glad - everything is in range, my Free T4 was the highest I have yet seen, and my Free T3 was on the high end of the range without being over. :) The doc was so happy he high-fived me!

I feel good, symptom free, very pleased. I was dx'ed in August 2008. It's been quite the journey.

I currently take 150mg of natural thyroid with 88mcg of levothyroxine. Neither medicine alone worked well, but the two together are working! My doc and I have tried various doses of each medicine alone and together and it looks like the current combo is what every thyroid patient wants - their "sweet spot."

Thank You God! I asked You to help me on my thyroid journey and You have!

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