Sunday, April 03, 2011


So I'm praying tonight and I ask God "Why?" Why create this sin cursed world? You didn't create it; we messed it up! We are made in Your image, but use our creative power to destroy Your creation.

So I am back to "Why?" Why create knowing what would happen? I believe one of the reasons behind the Adam and Eve story (besides it being a creation story of course) is the point that any of us, even without a sin nature, would have done exactly as they did. We would all fall for the serpent's lie - every single one of us, without exception. And yet You did not create them flawed. They chose to fall because they wanted to be like You.

So why open Yourself to the pain of Your creation turning their back on You, as every one of us has done. Why endure the pain?

And in the quietness of that moment, He spoke to me. I hope I heard Him right, but perhaps this is at the core, the truth I must accept. "It is for My glory."

I have been saying for quite a while now that "His glory is more important than anything." What if it's not just a pithy saying, but is quite literally true? He is the Potter, we are the clay, the work of His hands. Perhaps everything that happens and every person, whether they accept Him or reject Him, will in the end bring Him glory. With the entirety of creation looking on, He will be shown to be most glorious in THIS world and not any other. That is why THIS exists, and not something else.

Just some random late-night thoughts.

Oh Lord, if this is true, let it sink down deep into my heart, into a place of acceptance, that I may truly believe deep down that Your glory is more important than anything.

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