Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two deaths, and trouble on the home front

The guy living in his van in the parking lot (Mike) died this morning. Someone found him and called 911, but they couldn't save him. The van is already gone. I guess the city towed it.

And then the Campingite who killed himself. Why oh why? I found out he wasn't married, but he leaves behind literally a dozen brothers and sisters, all raised on Camping's teachings.

On the home front, the HOA is claiming that Stanley Steamer broke the gate, and Stanley Steamer claims the maintenance guy let them in the gate and they did nothing. The gate IS broken, but I have no way of knowing when that happened.

Trying to get ahold of the maintenance guy, but he's unreachable and no one will give me his number because he's on the board and board member's phone numbers are not available. We don't know his unit number either.

Stanley Steamer is coming out tomorrow to work on my rug again and they said they would send a manager with the truck to talk to me. It boils down to he said-she said. Somebody is lying, but I don't know who, so the HOA will probably take up the case and assess us to pay so they don't have to pay.

I'm getting my camera and recording whatever happens tomorrow. :-p Pray for me.

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Lira said...

Reading through your posts, I see that your world has been upside-down and inside-out for some while. I hope 2012 has been a year of renewal for you. I send prayers, smiles, and good thoughts your way.