Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Update on the insanity

The building owner was working on the apartment as I left to run errands today. I told him about the water bill and that I could not start service until he paid his past due bill on it. I asked about the front door. The current one will be the one we get, but it will be painted, have something put on the bottom to plug the huge gap, and have blinds inside so no one can look through the windows on the door.

The new estimate for the bathroom floor will be Thursday night, and they plan to have everything installed and ready for move in Friday after 5 pm. I have Direct TV coming Saturday afternoon so the TV and table need to be moved first. I asked about the Direct TV and he said to leave the old dish up, and that there was a pipe on the roof to clamp the new dish to.

I thanked the owner again for the mirrored closet doors in the living room. They look really nice, now I have a full length mirror to see my whole fat self in, and they make the room look bigger. I asked about the key and he gave me the house key, so now I can access both apartment.

In related news, I have Sunday off and Brad and I both have Monday off. I got Monday off when - of all people - boss J. offered to fill in. I took him up on it, but he never offers to fill in, so I thought it odd. I don't know the whole story, but it seems that boss J. got talked to, and one of the things they told him is to actually do some work, like filling in when people need shifts covered. J. has always maintained that working night and overnights messes him up because his sleep schedule is thrown off. Poor baby now has to work just like the rest of us! I have stayed until 3 a.m. countless times to fill half of the overnight girl's shift.

On Internet service, Earthlink can not provide me with cable on stand-alone DSL service. I have to keep my home phone. I'm sick of paying so much when I have no need of a home phone. It took an hour and a half on the phone to determine this. They said I need to contact my local phone provider to move the service. I thought my provider was AT&T, but they say they aren't. Brad plugged in my home phone and called information for the provider and I was given the name of a company that I've never heard of. I called, but they were closed for the day.

Since Earthlink can't give me what I need, I'm switching companies. I signed up with AT&T for high speed Internet with no home phone. More expensive in the short term since I have to buy the modem ($75), but the monthly rates for the first 12 months are much lower, and no contract! I'll drop the home phone at the end of the month, as well as drop Earthlink.

I have been with Earthlink for ages and a lot of Web pages that I have put together are housed on their servers. These will no longer be available of course. My church's Web site is included in this, so now I will have to find a new place to house it, plus a ton of images I use are housed on Earthlink's servers.

No update on a new e-mail address yet. I'll let everyone know when I have one. For now the Earthlink one (mindspring.com) is still good.

I'll update more when I figure out more!


Half Man said...

I haven't been around in a while, so I thought I would just say "Hi"

Anonymous said...

I check in with your blog once in a while. Hope you're ok.

Dan said...

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Tummy Tuck said...

Hi how are you doing? Have you settled in? How come you got no updates?