Monday, May 03, 2010

Stop the insanity!

So I should probably check in with an update on what's going on with me. Brad and I are getting ready to move into Apt. 1 at the end of the week. It's a one bedroom and will be a good replacement for our current tiny studio. It's in the same building, just three apartments down.

There are some problems, most notably that I can't get water service started until the owner calls the water company and clears up the billing issue he has with them. Um...why hasn't this been done already? I got the gas and electric and the Direct TV transferred. Still have to call Earthlink to deal with the Internet.

Brad is once again (as usual) behind in what he owes me. He owes me a paltry $100 rent for May, plus roughly $100 in utilities. He owes me at least $100 for May. not counting his rent increase when we move, plus another $80 in utilities that have accrued. I have yet to see a dime, and lets not even go into the medical bills that I owe - $80 for my recent blood tests, plus whatever the doctor appointment comes to. How can I pay when he won't pay me?!?

My weight is now at about 175 - yes, 175 pounds on my 5'7" frame puts me firmly in the overweight range. I fasted for three straight days last week (a new record!), but it didn't seem to help. I don't know how I'm going to lose the weight because I am so hungry all the time. Plus, TOM is here again with is making my tummy upset and makes me crave bagels and crackers. I would kill to lose 50 pounds.

Haven't been making it to the gym lately - it's always something. Today the bus didn't show up. I catch the bus where the line starts and stops. No bus means a half hour wait for the next one. I called Brad to complain and he said he needed to leave and I could come in early and get some overtime. I jumped at the chance.

I am getting exercise. I pretty much walk everywhere instead of taking the bus. Getting to work involves an hour of walking so exercise is not an issue.

I'll try to update more regularly and there is more stuff I have to rant about, like welfare moms, apostasy, and the death of an old Pagan friend, but those are for another post.

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