Thursday, March 18, 2010

Work, and diet news

Boss J. finally gave me my Internet privileges back - mostly.  I'm still banned between 5 and 7 pm for the Open Forum program, but I can live with that. I got my privileges back last week after an incident with Open Forum. I followed the procedure to the T - putting it in the notes, e-mailing J. at both his home and work addresses, and calling him on his cell phone and letting him know.  That was Monday last week.  The next day he took me aside and said I could have the Internet again except between 5 and 7, the way it was before. I've been banned between 5 and 7 for ages now.

Stess is still high and will remain high as long as he is boss and that isn't going to change.

Diet-wise I am doing horrible.  I have a terrible addiction to carbs that sabotages me every Wednesday, and that continues into binging every Thursday. Wednesday is day 4 of eating low-carb since I always restart on Sunday, and that's when liver glycogen is low and the cravings get bad.

I'm not sure what to do except to buckle down and do very low-carb like Induction. Perhaps I won't count calories and will eat a chicken or cans of tuna over salad with the zero calories Walden Farms dressing. If I can break the addiction I have a much better chance of getting my calories under control.

What is clear it that my current plan is failing, and I'm pissed.  Cynthia has decided to restart Jorge Cruise's diet (good for her!), but she is saying horrible things about Atkins. Every day it's some new half truth or outright lie, such as equating ketosis with ketoacidosis (they are very different conditions!). I'm pissed enough to actually restart Atkins seriously with a very low-carb detox period. If I don't count calories at first I might actually survive the cravings.

Perhaps I will log what I eat every day on Facebook. In the right hand column you will find the link to my Facebook profile.

Wish me luck!

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Pendell said...

Congratulations on getting your internet privileges back! It appears that I was wrong -- while God hasn't punished your superior, it sounds like things are becoming more endurable.


Brian P.

a pie-eyed mickey said...

So clarify this for me: you love your job, but hate your boss?

I know that you've been at your job for so long, but have you considered a career move? It's sad to see you stressed out, yet I cannot imagine why you continue to live this way. I hope it is not out of spite, ie. not letting Boss J. win... I think to myself, "Why doesn't Victoria go to where she is happiest?"

Of course, I am projecting a bit, as I often ask myself the same thing: Where am I happiest? This is quickly followed by, so why am I not going there, or doing that?

As for your dieting. That's difficult. Carbs seem a bit calorie dense for the amount of fullness they provide. I'm also a junkie. Though, with that said, and as you've mentioned, I can survive without carbs, but fats and protein we cannot do without.

It's the fat that helps me most. Just a little bit, and it takes off the edge of my insatiable hunger.

Some so-called experts use to say, "Fat makes you fat." Not so. Me eating for 10 people, makes me fat. Ever seen someone polish off 10 bowls of rice at a Korean BBQ.

Well, I would have had to have had a mirror to have seen it. Yeah. I'm a beast.

Lira said...

Good to hear you have internet at work again. And best of luck as you pursue good health and better eating habits. I'm working on these things myself and I hear you about the cravings. Eek. Just try not to be too hard on yourself. You've had a rough time of it lately!

Take care,


Richard said...

Nice to see you've moved away from the edge of the cliff, so to speak.

But this leaves me wondering if the staff is supposed to spend the Open Forum hours in prayer, helping Mr. Camping come up with his answers -- or what exactly.

I can't wait to order your network's pocket calendar for 2011 -- to see if it stops in the middle of October. :-)

Anavar said...

Why were you banned in the first place? Well I'm glad you got your privileges back.