Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lookie what came in the mail today! :) It's not even available on Amazon yet. I almost never buy paper books since getting my Kindle, but I couldn't turn down a copy signed by the author!

Lookie what came in the mail today! Dr. White's new book!


raleyclub said...

You wrote some thoughts about the Book of Mormon after some of the chapters. It sounds like you are believing that Joseph Smith is the one that said it was true and therefore we should all believe that. I wouldnstrongly recommend that you read the Book of Mormon from start to finish. If you read it with an open heart and mind, God has promised that the truth WILL BE KNOWN to you. Pretty powerful! You might want to have some of the missionaries you can call with questions. Good luck. If you are going to wonder about the book, go all the way and get the truth.

Anonymous said...

If a non-Christian person wanted to know about the what the bible says, would you direct them to a book written by a Muslim writing a book about the bible?

Since you are a christian, I assume you understand your religion. So, doesn't it make sense that you seek the knowledge of what the Quran says from the people who understand the Quran. Not just the translation of the Quran but the Quran it self.

Seek knowledge with an open mind, a blank slate, as though you are a child learning everything. Then ask ALL the questions.

Like if Jesus created all things, (john 1) who created all that existed BEFORE Jesus. Try explaining that to a child.

Islam teaches that there is only One Creator. He created the heavens and the Earth. He created Jesus, Adam, Abraham, Moses, Aron, you, me. Alll things were created by the Lord that didn't poop, fart, or sleep. Jesus was a man just like you and me. The Lord is fat too Exalted and perfect for such filth.

Who took care of worldly matters when Jesus is slept? The Lord doesn't sleep. Jesus is a man.

If Jesus was sent down to die for everyone sins, shouldn't all the people that believe in him go to heaven regardless of what crimes they commit in this life?

Anonymous said...