Friday, May 16, 2014

Dying for my faith

Woke up from a dream (nightmare) this morning that I was being put to death for my faith. It's kind of disjointed. First there were these guys play fighting on a catwalk. One received a good blow (with a fake sword) and made sure to fall off the catwalk onto something below even though the blow was too soft to knock him off balance. Right after that I heard, "Next time jump, Renee."
The next thing I knew I was up on the catwalk lying down and I knew I was about to die for my faith. On a nearby roof were two people playing hymn music. I didn't see any instruments, but the music was coming from that direction. I began to sing along with the music, then stopped to pray, "Thank You, Jesus, for saving me that I will be with You in heaven today." (I don't remember the exact words, but that's the jist of it.)
On my left was the area "Renee" had crashed through earlier, a straight drop to the ground. On my right were 6 or 7 cords forming a barrier, each a different color of the rainbow. I grabbed half in each hand when I said the prayer.
A woman was kneeling next to me and made a slice in my left shoulder with a knife, and said something like "That's so you don't try anything."
I don't know how they were planning on killing me (maybe with the knife?), and that's when the dream ended.

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