Thursday, January 07, 2010

First week of 2010 - crap city

I'm in a dark mood. I've decided to dress in black at work for the
foreseeable future. Outside of work I can wear whatever, but at work my
clothes should reflect the mourning I feel for this department under
boss J's rule. I stopped at WalMart on my way to work and bought black
shirts and jeans. It cost about $66 (lol!). My hair is already black
and I own two black head coverings. Yesterday I pulled out my black
nail polish and painted my nails black.

Thankfully, boss J. is not at work today. He's a huge source of stress
and I'm a stress eater. Under stress I binge. I am praying for him,
myself, and (as always) my family.

After getting bit (twice!) last week by what I assume were spiders in my
bedding, I stripped the bed earlier this week. Today I stripped it
again and washed the comforter, sheets, pillow cases, inner pillow
cases, cat blankets, and even the mattress pad - in addition to my
normal wash. It took two double load washers (one just for the
comforter) and one triple load, plus two driers (again, one was just for
the comforter). I used bleach in two of the washes. I don't use bleach
for the colored or dark clothes, but did use it on the comforter (to
kill anything) and washing the whites. I got up a half hour early to
give myself enough time. I forgot my coffee so I stopped at the snack
shop at the laundromat and bought coffee there.

My exercise was plenty of walking. I think these new fitness shoes do
give me more of a workout. My abs were hurting slightly while walking
because of my ab workout yesterday. Legs, abs, butt - it just seems to
take more energy walking in these shoes. :) I walked to the laundromat
and back with my cart piled high. Then I walked down to the train
station, stopping at the bank to deposit the check I got yesterday from
my Family Radio "savings account." I walked from the train to work with
the stop at WalMart on the way. I'll try to explain the "savings
account" thing next week.

I'm a little worried about Xena, my gray tabby. She has the "crummies."
Brad came home yesterday to find puke on the floor. We didn't know which
cat did it at first. Then I fed them last night and Xena threw it up.
I fed them again this morning, and Xena threw it up again. She's not
showing any other signs of sickness, but throwing up three times (so
far) is not good. Xena is a skinny little thing and can't be missing
meals. I don't want to take her to the vet because I simply can't
afford it, but I will if I have to. The last time I tried to call the
vet (to get flea stuff) the number was disconnected. Brad and I need to
take a drive past and see if they are still in business or if I need to
find a new vet. :-p

Tomorrow is grocery shopping. I need to go to my Safeway because the one
in Alameda doesn't carry wheat gluten. I also need to find a beauty
store and look for black lipstick. There is one store by my house, plus
one at Southshore in Alameda.

Saturday is church and in the evening Brad and I will go to Costco for
salad. I'll have dinner there.

Sunday it's back to work for me, but Brad and I have Monday off because
it's my birthday. We're going to San Jose. When I cashed my "saving
account" check today I took out money for the trip. I'll give Brad some
gas money too. My birthday gift will be dinner at Sizzler. My birthday
is the last off plan day of the holidays for me. With my birthday so
near to Christmas, my birthday presents were always put under the
Christmas tree, and the tree stayed up until my birthday.

Comments left here are automatically e-mailed to me. I'm trying to
check my e-mail from home, and in any spare moments before my shift, so
I do see them and thank you for them.

Damn - spider bites, major washing, a bad boss, no Internet access from
work, a sick cat, and my vet is out of business. What a crappy start to

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Arthur_of_Old said...


Anonymous said...

We have not always seen eye to eye but I miss your posts V and I hope you are okay.

Arthur_of_Old said...

Trust and follow the Lord. IF Jon need s dealing with, HE will. Proverbs 3: 5&6

Pendell said...

With respect, Brad, I have found that's not always the case. As with Esther going to Xerxes for her people, God expects us to do our part too.

I, personally, would do an Isaac in this case -- when there was quarrelling over wells, he simply left and dug another one.


Brian P.

Pendell said...

Sorry for the second comment ...

... I suspect I'm misreading you, Brad. It sounds to me like you are advising 'stay put, stiff upper lip and God will make it all good'.

You're closer to the situation than I am. I note that such is not always the Biblical answer. In the time of Jacob, the answer to a famine was 'go to Egypt'. In the time of Moses, the answer to famine was 'stay in the wilderness and eat manna'. It's a very situation-specific thing.

Your solution may be the right one. I'm just pointing out that Victoria has more options -- Biblically -- then "suck it up and wait for things to get better". If you're staying when God wants you to leave, it won't.

Knowing what the right answer is, of course, is something that God will reveal to Victoria and not to me.


Brian P.

Loving Annie said...

So was it fles or spiders biting ?
Washing the bedding with bleach was a good idea, but it wouldn't stop the fleas until the fleas was daid. Might have to get your apt. sprayed, and kitty some 'Advantage' flea stuff..

Pillsbury Dough Girl said...


Probably spiders. And I did dose the kitties with Advantage. You can't own a cat without that stuff even though it's super expensive!

Anonymous said...

Could be bedbugs. Do you have old wooden furniture?