Monday, May 16, 2011

Bay To Breakers

Ok, some notes on the race. 1) It was tons of fun this year. It seemed like more fun, even though the start time was moved up. Maybe it just seemed that way because I needed the break so bad. For several hours yesterday I was able to banish all thoughts of Harold Camping and Family Radio from my mind. My aching heart could take a break and experience some happiness.

The runner's high along with a much needed break was something I really needed. I have been praying for mercy for those of us who don't believe Mr. Camping's date - that as God brings judgment on them through the failure of the date, that He will remember mercy toward us. See my note "Broken" for more on this. At any rate, I have prayed for mercy, but yesterday God gave me grace - unearned, unmerited favor - a time to relax and enjoy the race and its usual zaniness. I could think of nothing else to pray last night than to just thank Him over and over. He was so good to me.

The race start time was moved from 8 a.m. to 7 a.m., evidently to help stop people who come just to get drunk. The elite women got a head start at 6:55 am to give them a fighting chance to beat the men. The elite men along with Corrals A, B, and C took off at 7. By 7:15 most of them had gotten going and my Corral, Corral D, took off. I hit the start line at 7:20.

The naked people were there, costumed runners were there, we had the tortilla tossing before the race started - all the normal zaniness that makes Bay To Breakers the spectacle it is.

It was a pretty normal and uneventful run. It seemed more crowded because I was further back than usual. This may have slowed me down a bit because I would be held up by people ahead of me and had more trouble navigating around slower people.

I prayed that God would hold off the rain for all of us, and all I encountered on the course was one small squall in Golden Gate Park. I pulled out my parka, but almost as soon as I had it on, I was past the rain (or it was past us). At any rate, a fairly dry race. I can't complain about the weather. :)

After crossing the finish line I followed everyone else down a side street toward the Polo Fields and encountered people handing out race medals and marking our bibs as fast as they could. Then I proceeded past the Polo Fields to Speedway Meadow to pick up my t-shirt.

The saddest part was after finishing the run we passed by a guy preaching hellfire and brimstone. I practically feel like I know them because they are out every year. As we passed I overheard a woman talking to her friend, mocking them. I just thought, "What they said is true, even if they are not presenting it the right way." I thought about how she is under judgment for making fun of them. We will all stand before God one day and give an account.

I hoped the people would ignore the preachers and read my shirt. Every year on the back of my t-shirt I wear one of two Bible verses about running. This year I chose the Hebrews verse about running the race with endurance, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. I hoped people would read that instead of listening to the hellfire preachers. I am one of the runners, out there running just like the rest, with a simple statement on my t-shirt that says you can be a Christian and still have fun.

After picking up my t-shirt, I left to find a bus. I meandered out of the park, following people ahead of me, passed a small lake, and eventually we came out onto Lincoln Avenue. I had a heck of a time catching a bus, but eventually I found an outbound 29 Sunset that I knew would take me to Balboa Park BART. Let everyone else take an inbound bus and deal with crowds; I used to live in the City and I'm going where it I knew it would be less crowded. :)

Final results were:
Distance: 12k (7.46 miles)
Top of Hayes Street Hill: 0:37:39
Chip Time: 1:41:39
Overall Place: 20,947 out of 43,414
Female Place: 9,642 out of 23,857
Female 40-49 Place: 2,360 out of 5,656

Before Hayes Street and to the top of the hill: 14 minutes a mile
Overall pace: 13:38 a mile (4.4 mph)

I did better after the hill as Hayes Street is several blocks long and gets up to a 13% grade. Hey, you can't have a run in San Francisco without one big hill, right? :)

There are two short videos; however, I do not believe I am on the first (shot from the right side). The second video (shot from the left and including sound) does show me crossing the finish line. I'm wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a white headcovering that's fallen halfway back on my head. I am fiddling with my watch right before and after I cross, briefly throwing my arms in the air when I step on the mat. You can see me, but you'll have to look closely.

Ignore the first short video. The second video starts at 7:47 and I can be seen running up (I come into view on the far left at 7:53) and stepping on the mat at 7:58.

results and video

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