Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm scaring myself!

I just keep losing weight this week and I'm scaring myself! I was down to 145 yesterday, and 144.4 today. I keep expecting to bounce back up but I just keep going down! I know it will stop soon and I'll start bouncing around again, but man, my body has just kicked into gear the last couple weeks and decided to lose more weight!

Here's my new ticker:


Lira said...


Maybe your body has updated its metabolism to meet the new conditions of being under 150.


Newbirth said...

Nah. I'm up again today. I lose one week a month, and WOW was that a great week! ;) I'm up quite a bit today, though it does look like even my bounces up still leave me under 150. I think I'm out of the 150s forever, provided I stick to my plan! :)

Since I can no longer minister, I had to pour my energy into something, so I've focussed all my energy on weight loss. It's at least given me a positive place to focus my incredible energy. If I can't help others I can at least help myself, and preach the low carb gospel, lol! I know more about weight loss and metabolism than I ever wanted to know.

Now if my church would just support my choices. They know I have lost weight, but they have not tried to make it any easier for me. Doesn't matter to me. I'm too stubborn to let that sway me. Being strong willed has its upsides. :)