Wednesday, July 13, 2005

PETA kills animals? Yep!

Found this article. I had no idea this was going on!

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is one of the world’s most successful and effective advocacy organizations. Dedicated to the "rights" of animals with a devotion so fierce it borders on fanaticism, PETA activists practice propaganda as an art form and are so skilled at in-your-face advocacy and agitation that executives of the world's most powerful corporations cow when the PETA activists pound on their doors.

Full story here.

Found this companion site:

You know, they are against pets. I'm sure they would think me horrible for 1) adopting a kitten who is an innie only, and 2) taking in a feral, feeding her, and getting her spayed. And making her a 99% indoor cat.

Sign the petition to revoke PETA's tax-exempt status!

Do a Google search for "PETA kills animals" and see what comes up. It's shocking!


Felix Taylor said...

If I was American, I'd sign that petition right away. I know that PETA must have a branch in Canada and someone should do a petition something similiar. If PETA in Canada has tax exempt status, it's darn time that CCRA revokes it!

Brad said...

Wow, I had such a different view of them. This is pointless destruction of animal life. They need to be removed as animal advocates.If PETA has such a skewed way of seeing things they should be made accountable..Gotta look at this...