Monday, July 25, 2005

What I'm Reading

Inspired by what I saw in the blog Erud-awakening I thought I'd put a section in here about what I'm reading. These books may be of interest to more than just me.

Of course, the Bible tops the list. ;) This year I'm trying to read the whole thing in a year, and I link to the program I'm using. After that I list whatever other book I'm working on. Due to the Bible reading this year, other books have been getting finished very slowly. Even the latest Left Behind book, usually a very quick read, took much longer than usual.

Anyway, the new section is just beneath "How this blog got its name," and just above "Recent posts." Check out the reading program I'm using this year, and check out my current book - it's always a good one.

After this book I plan to re-read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in preparation for the movie coming out in December, then go on to another one of Krakauer's books, Into the Wild.


erudit said...

Glad I could inspire. :)

I enjoy the Narnia books, too. It will be interesting to see the movie- I used to love that cartoon.

Newbirth said...

Did you take the test (I posted it here somewhere) about which Narnia character you are? I came out as Edmund. I tell you, when someone started drawing parallels it was TOO spooky.

Newbirth said...

Here you go, two posts on it:
(why Brian thinks I'm like Edmund)