Friday, July 22, 2005

O'Reilly on Terrorism

On Thursday night Bill O'Reilly nailed down my problem with Spain in all this, and one reason I have so little compassion for Spain's 9/11. He said there were three reactions countries can have toward terrorism.

1) We can take a hard line. This is what O'Reilly himself believes in, and, incidentally, what I believe in.
2) We can try to appease them. This is what Spain did by giving in to the terrorist's demands.
3) We can ignore the situation.

Britain has stood by the U.S. and has refused to pull out their troops in reaction to being attacked. They are our allay, and have been a great allay. Terrorists must be confronted.

At any rate, the recent new attempts at bombings should remind us all to continue to pray for Britain and her protection. When I pray for the U.S. now I also pray for Britain. Keep praying so that they will not be hit again. The "duds" today encourage me that my prayers have helped. Let's keep it up.

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