Sunday, July 24, 2005

When will I ever learn?

Ug. Not doing so well today. They had no lite beer at the pub Brad and I had dinner at, so I had to get the regular, which is pretty high in carbs. I should have stopped at one. Two beers combined with what I drank at home was way too much, and I woke up feeling blecky this morning. I did drink some water before bed as I know that helps stave off hangovers.

Nevertheless, I got up and went to the gym and did an hour of cardio, then made my way to work. I'm drinking an energy drink now and trying to drink more in general to cleanse my system.

Yesterday's dinner (besides the beer) was fine. I had the steak and had extra veggies instead of mashed potatoes. The rest of the day really SUCKED food wise and I was a bad bad girl. There was nothing I could eat at the church pot luck. Jane didn't bring her salad, and everything else was a carbfest. I ate the sandwich I brought for myself, then went home and proceeded to eat awful. One of these days I will learn that I can safely keep low carb ice cream in the house, but I can not safely keep low carb ice cream bars in the house. I won't tell you how many I ate, but it was over half the box. :( Add to that the Kahlua, sugar free candy, etc. It was horrible. I am up over 2 pounds this morning. I hate myself when I do this.

I'm back on track today, and trying to keep my carbs low to compensate for the last two days. I did an hour of cardio this morning - 30 minutes on the treadclimber, and 30 on the stationary bike, and I did light arm weights while I pedaled the bike.

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