Wednesday, June 29, 2005 changes its format, take 2

The new format is so awful and hard to navigate. Additionally, when I log in under the name I have used for the past 6 years, it kicks me into the forum under an ancient name that I don't like and haven't used in ages. They stole my name from me and now my post counts starts all over again at zero! This was the final straw and I've pretty much left. There's another place where others who dislike the new format can go.

Jeanne set up a forum specifically for people from the About Weight Loss forum:
Our Own Weigh To Healthy Lifestyles

Oh, I checked into getting my BMR (base metabolic rate) retested when I reach my weight goal. The cost is $49 and I can purchase it as a stand-alone without any personal training or anything. So I'll do that when I get to 140.

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