Thursday, June 23, 2005

Still 152 today. Was really hoping it would go down. Hopefully by Sunday.

And I bought a scale today. I am still deep in negative numbers, but it was payday and what's payday without one "fun" purchase? I got the Weight Watchers digital scale with 5 weight recall. After my workout and drinking some water I ws 152.2 on that scale.

Getting a new cat tree today (hopefully). Someone is moving and getting rid of all their cats, and cat stuff, and they said they'd give me the tree. So now I can get rid of the ancient $100 ripped up, cheapy tree and replace it with this nice one. Even though I bought a new tree a while back for $300, I kept the old $100 tree and the cats do use it. This one is supposedly worth $400 (haven't seen it yet) and will make a nice addition to the house. Cats can never have too many things to climb. :)

My co-worker is going to get it as I type, and supposedly it will be waiting for me when I get home. (I gave Brad my keys and my bus pass. He's supposed to bring them back to me later tonight.)

I'm so excited about my new toy. I gave it and the hymnal I had to bring to Brad to take to my home - that much less to carry when I get off tonight.

Money's still tight so for the next two weeks I'll buy only what I need to eat - bread, meat and cheese for sandwiches, some kind of meat and veggies for my main courses, and berries (whatever's on sale, most likely strawberries). I can't even really afford this, but I gotta eat.

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