Monday, June 20, 2005

My writing in the Helping Hand

I wrote the devotions for Unit 2 in the current quarterly. They begin here:
That is for June 26. Use the calendar at the right to navigate. My writing goes through July 30.

The most thought provoking week for me (and the one I learned the most from) was the one on forgiveness. Forgiveness was a major theme in my life last year, cropping up everywhere, including my paid work! July 17-23:
It is the most personal I have ever been in my writing.

On the same topic, I was asked to write again. I think they must be in a bind because they aren't giving me as much time to write as usual, and they are only asking me to write 2-3 weeks. A "normal" assignment is always 4-5 weeks. It is also the second time they've asked me to write this year and they like to spread things out and ask each person to write once per year. So it's odd. But I need the money BAD! I wrote back to the editor, saying I could do either 2 or 3 weeks, and am now waiting for his reply.

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