Wednesday, June 15, 2005

No gain from cruise!

Well, I guess I did okay on the cruise and it was mostly water retention from too many carbs. I only gained a teeny bit on the cruise. Well, TOM happened right before I left so I should have lost, but oh well. I've lost one month and will have to wait for the next TOM to see a new low. Next goal - to get to 150.

A co-worker here recently went on a cruise and came back 6 pounds heavier. He's already middle aged, overweight, huge belly, had one heart attack already, and he's just not willing to do what it takes. He won't stick to anything.

Anyway, the 5 pounds was all water and I've been peeing like a race horse since getting back on my diet and I was at 152.5 this morning. Certainly not a low, but a whole lot better than 157.5 just a few days ago.

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