Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Breaking my plateau

Down a 1/4 pound today so 152 even. Hopefully I've broken through the 152.25 plateau I've been at for the last 5 or 6 weeks.

TOM came for a visit, so I'll probably see 150 the end of the week. This Sunday is the gay pride parade so I ain't going near SF. It will be impossible to get to City Church and I don't have to work overtime this week, so I'm planning to go swimming.

I'm thinking of buying a cheap $11 scale at the drugstore and use that until I save enough money to get a nice digital one that does body fat. I really want to track my weight daily on a graph and get a better idea of my ups and downs. I'd probably step on it 10 times a day, lol, but only my morning after-pee weight would count.

Worked out for an hour doing elliptical, walking, and the bike. Then 15 minutes of weights and crunches and such.

Cramps have kept me from being too hungry so far, but two Ibuprofin and a ThermaCare have done a lot toward helping me feel better and giving me my regular appetite back.

Kerlands mentioned fried pork skins. I picked some up. I should have got the regular. The spicy is TOO spicy. They are all fat and protein and NO carbs. And better than potato chips! Yum!

Hoping to go to the gym tomorrow.

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