Sunday, June 26, 2005 changes its format

This really sucks., which used to uise the same user-friendly fomat that Delphi uses, is changing to something completely different on Tuesday. Here's the thread on it. From there is a link to the Football forum, which has already been changed over. I don't like the new format and find it less user-friendly than that old one. I'd like to know why corporate decided this needed to be done.

Here's my post in the Football forum:


Why did they have to change the layout. It was the same as Delphi and easy to navigate and I really have this new layout. The frames were MUCH better and allowed me to read messages AND scan thread titles at the same time.

This sucks and I for one want the old format back.

[Edit: We can no longer click on our message to get the URL to it. And when we edit the signature disappears so if I wanted to edit my sig in just one post - can't be done. This just gets crappier and crappier.]



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