Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Under 150!

I've been below 150 on my home scale where I can weigh myself before coffee and sans most clothes, but it's been elusive on the gym's scale - until today. I finally got to move the big slider down one notch, and the little slider to the far right side, and came in at 149! Woohoo! I'm getting there.

I've been craving fries today, so I went and binged on carbs today and ate all sorts of thing I shouldn't. Now I'm thirsty, and due to the carbs, I'm retaining it all. So I'll be well above 150 for about a week. :( Oh well. Back on track tomorrow and get my sorry ass down to the gym and burn off some of these carbs. Maybe I'll try to run since I seem to do better at it when my glycogen supplies are full.

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