Monday, June 27, 2005

This green tea is certainly working! I've had no problem staying under 1900 calories. I just ate a plain salad with no carb dressing and I'm full. I'll save my sandwich and cheese for later. This stuff really does help supress appetite better than plain water.

My last appointment with my GP doc is tomorrow. I really liked him. He actually treated me as an intelligent person. Hard to find docs like that. I'd love to weigh under 150 on their scale, but with breakfast and clothes I doubt I'll make it. Oh well, I'll be happy if I show ANY loss from my last appointment 2 months ago. I need to be sure to ask him for a new Celexa prescription and tell him that I'm stopping the Wellbutrin when I run out. It helps a little, but it's just not worth the money I have to spend on it. Hopefully when I have to wean off the Celexa I'll be able to try Zoloft again. It was a very good med for my depression. Worked wonders.

Hoping for a good weigh-in on my home scale tomorrow. Here's to seeing ANYTHING under 150!

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