Saturday, June 25, 2005

Eating when gone all day

Saturday. Bleh.

Candy for breakfast (only a little) and coffee with low carb creamer. Later I ate one of the sandwiches I made. At church I had some Cheese-Its and some peanuts. Also 4 low carb cookies I brought with me.

Lunch was soup, salad, and bread, but the salad was all I could eat. So I had 3 or 4 plates of salad. On the way to the person's house I ate my second sandwich, not knowing if I would be able to eat any dinner there.

Dinner was lasagna, Togo's sandwiches, and Togo's salad. Again, I could only eat the salad. I wasn't hungry, but had one big plate of salad. All the desserts were sugar except for the Keto pudding I brought, so I ate a bunch of my pudding. All the drinks they had were sugary, but I asked about diet and she gave me Diet 7-Up. I followed that with sparkling water and black coffee.

I know I'm low on protein for the day - except for the sandwiches I made, all I ate was salad! I'm not a rabbit! Bleh. I'm having wine now and considering eating some cheese before bed. I've just been busy packing the second half of my lunches for the week. I ran out of time to do it all Friday.

Hoping that TOM will be slow enough to go swimming tomorrow. Gotta burn some calories!

I wish I had done better, but my cheat days keep me on my diet and sane so oh well.

Oh yeah, I had two bites of a sugar wafer, one bite of brownie, and one bite of some banana desert. I guess I feel guilty about that. And Jane's salad had apples. I feel guilty about that, too. :( I feel like I did horrible today.

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