Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer Solstice

Today's the summer solstice. Well, for the west coast of the U.S. it was actually 10:46 pm last night. Shortest night, longest day. And now the days get shorter. As a Pagan, the summer solstice was always tinged with sadness. The days stopped getting longer, started getting shorter. Fall was coming and summer felt half over.

I've always thought of the seasons really beginning on the "cross quarter" days. So, for example, summer began May 1 (Beltane) and ended August 1 (Lughnasadh), when fall began. This also followed the seasons where I live much more closely.

Even though I'm not Pagan anymore, I still remember the days sometimes. More and more I can forget them until they are past, but not always.

Hmmm...I've been feeling some faceless, nameless anxiety the last few days. Maybe this is why. If so, I should be fine tomorrow.


erudit said...

So, how are you feeling now?

Throughout history people have always remembered Midsummer (as in Tolkien's books!) and those other days. Obviously they have different meanings for you because of your past, but I don't think it's "all bad" to remember them. They can be remembered in their pure meanings, like it says in the Bible "He changes times and seasons..." (Daniel 2:21)

Ok, sermon over. :) Gina

Newbirth said...

I'm okay. It's just the actual days of, and Halloween and Beltane are far worse. This is just a little blip on the radar, and I'm used to it. Don't like it - but I'm used to it.