Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tightening the noose...

This was written by a friend and explains a few situations that should be of concern to anyone who believes in freedom of speech.


Tightening the noose...

... on Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin.

Case in point: Christian organization in the UK preaches this and has a website for recovery, is kicked out of their bank.

BBC News
The Guardian
Christian Voice
The Cooperative Bank

Hat tip to Cosmic fool of Pagan Christian Moot for running down everyone's viewpoint. A fair-minded man.

Case in point #2:

Catholic World News
World Net Daily

J. Matt Barber, a manager at Allstate insurance company, on his own time from his own computer wrote an essay decrying the gay lifestyle. This is the article he wrote:

The Conservative Voice

A bit outspoken, yes, but a man IS entitled to his religious beliefs--especially since they are ones I share.

Did I mention I own an Allstate insurance policy? Not for much longer, I assure you. I'm cancelling it as soon as I get another company lined up.

Sigh ... I imagine this is how persecution will start. People will probably still be able to wear the label for many years, perhaps decades. But the Spirit of the Age brooks no rivals. No one will be persecuted for being "Christian" -- but if we try to make more of it than a label,if we insist that the Bible speaks truth on these issues, the more and more pressure we will be brought under. As you can see, people are losing their jobs for the sake of the Gospel. I think it's fair to describe that as the bare beginnings of persecution.

I can only hope that we move quickly from the "we won't hire you" phase to the "concentration camp" phase in short order. Then at least I'll be sure of three squares a day :).




Here's the contact information on the J. Matt Barber case. Let Allstate know how you feel. I wrote them a letter and - and kindly as possible - gave them a piece of my mind.

Edward M. Liddy, Chairman
Allstate Corporation
2775 Sanders Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062
Primary Phone: 800-574-3553
Secondary Phone: 847-402-5000
Fax: 847-836-3998
E-Mail: eliddy@allstate.com

We must stand up for our rights, or watch them eroded.


Jo said...

Hmm. I actually applied for a job at Allstate because I saw they provide adoption reimbursements to employees, something I strongly believe in and wish more companies did.

Now to re-evaluate.

Newbirth said...

Just an update on this - I never did get a reply back on my e-mail.