Monday, June 13, 2005

Blood and water

Had blood drawn today for cholesterol and metabolic panels. The first vial didn't seem to be vaccuum sealed anymore and wouldn't accept blood. So he had to pull out the needle, get another vial, and stick me again. Bleh.

Afterwords and felt lightheaded and naucious, like I would faint and/or throwup. They gave me a garbage can and I coughed over it, but nothing came up. All I'd had to eat (which made me sick most likely) was one sip of coffee after the test was over. Then they put me in an empty exam room and let me lie on the table and gave me a little cup of water to drink. Pretty soon I could eat and had the meal bar I brought, and then I was able to get up and leave. I went grocery shopping, but took it very slow and leaned on the cart more than usual.

If anyone wonders if I'm a fat pig, the woman at the blood draw place asked me if I was pregnant. This was after the blood test, not before. My tummy sticks out so far she wondered if I was pregnant! So yes, I am fat.

I had blood drawn a year ago and didn't feel sick afterwards. Why now? I'm not diabetic so even though it was a fasting test my blood sugar should have been okay. Has been the times they checked it before (87 and 90 respectively, which are in normal range).

Anyway, that was my fun adventures. The sticks on my arm still hurt a little and I'm just trying to take it easy. I ate all my higher carb lunch stuff to see if that might help me feel better (my strawberries and my sandwich).

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