Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Atkins woes signal low-carb lust waning

If the clearance stickers on low-carb foods didn't make it clear that Americans had moved on to other diets, a bankruptcy hearing Monday for Atkins Nutritionals provided another sign.

How much have Americans lost their appetite for all things low-carb?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution article

And my comments:
I heard about chapter 11 yesterday and blogged it. I feel bad for their suppliers who now won't get paid. It's the stupid bankers and financiers who've run what Dr. Atkins started into the ground. This wouldn't have happened if he were still alive.

As for low carb, the ones who treat it as a fad have left (and probably regained all their weight, too) and left those of us who think of this as permenant to follow the plan correctly. As for the products, I just hope Unilever (maker of several brand names) leaves their Carb Options line alone. I use their stuff nearly every day - salad dressing, BBQ sauce, steak sauce, peanut butter - things normally full of hidden sugars that are basic parts of meals.

There was one Atkins forum on Delphi that I found out recently closed. I started one last week that I invite people to who are on this lifestlye or want to learn more about it to come over.

The Atkins' Weigh

From the same article above, a Very Bad Idea:

"We succeeded in bringing a carbohydrate awareness to the health-conscious consumer," Heimowitz said Monday. "We hope in the future to appeal to a broad spectrum of health-conscious consumers, rather than just low-carb, by offering nutritionally superior products with higher protein, higher fiber, lower sugar, no trans fats and glycemic-impact tested."

It goes on to mention bars with fruits and grains. Bad idea. Very very bad idea. I am saddened. Atkins is low carb. God forbid they become anything other than what Dr. Atkins envisioned. It will ruin a company that once was perfectly good.

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