Thursday, August 11, 2005

Conference Journal, Day 5

Conference journal for Thursday, August 11.

After Paul Manuel's Romans Bible study this morning on sovereignty, I gave the report for the Christian Education interest committee. I did okay, but I heard some laughing when I got to the part about thanking Andrew for all his work in the areas he is gifted in as well as the areas he is not naturally gifted in. What people don't realize is the context it was written in - Andrew talked to us about his growth in areas he has no giftings, and that he is getting better at those things. It wasn't a slam. It was to encourage.

Today's afternoon seminar was another four hour one, this one on "Cults and World Religions." The speaker had to be quick, but he covered Hinduism and Buddhism (same chapter), Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormons. Just too much information in too short a time. Otherwise, very excellent. The speaker knew his material VERY well. It was also presented by Probe Ministries, the same organization that did the Tuesday seminar on "Reasons to Believe."

Dave Johnson arrived this evening. Haven't seen him since last year at Conference. It was cool to run into him. :-)

Worship tonight was different. Instead of having a sermon, they had a dramatic presentation. Rev. Roy Gearheart played the apostle John, in the present day. Since John was one of the "Sons of Thunder," Rev. Gearheart thought that a modern day John might be Irish (!).

Received word tonight that Sabbath morning worship will be in the chapel. I assume that means that worship tomorrow night will still be in the ballroom, and that communion will be Sabbath morning. (Some years it's Friday night and some years it's Sabbath morning.)

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