Thursday, August 18, 2005

Carb Supporters Rejoice as Atkins Goes Belly Up

This made me sick and it so sad that people rejoice at the misfortune of others. (See my "Darkness" post for my experience with this.)

Pasta makers and potato farmers are happy to see the weight-loss firm's bankruptcy filing.

Full story here.

And here's my response to the article:

Overall the decline in popularity a good thing because now those of us who are serious can be left to eat as we will without all the hype from people who are looking for a quick fix fad diet.

As long as I can buy a few important products I'm fine. I am dependant on low carb bread, fried pork rinds (my substitute for potato chips), sugar free BBQ sauce, diet cola, green tea, and frozen veggies.

When the diet was at its peak, fast-food chain Carl's Jr. pushed its lettuce-wrapped Low Carb Six Dollar Burger...

They still have it. I ate one just a few weeks ago. It's one of the few good low carb fast foods out there. It's good in a pinch, and I hope they keep it around. I don't eat it often, but it's nice to know it's there.

...Atkins Nutritionals peddles chocolate shakes and energy bars on its website.

Peddles? What happened to objectivity? The very wording of this sentence is anti-Atkins.

Dieters who stuck to the regimen said they lost weight rapidly even as nutritionists warned about the negative long-term effects of eating high-fat foods.

What long term effects are those? My bad cholesterol going down and my good cholesterol going up? My lower than low heart attack risk? Oh wait! It must be my regularlity from all the fiber I eat! Hmmm, I'm still not seeing the downside...

"South Beach is more vegetables and carbs, instead of beef, beef, beef," said June Parr of Santa Barbara, who said she tried the Atkins diet several times...

This woman shows a complete lack of knowledge of what Atkins is all about. South Beach is NOT more vegetables. When done properly, Atkins includes tons of veggies - 4 cups a day is the minimum for the first two weeks. From week three and on you should add in even more.

In court papers, the company indicated that it was a victim of fierce competition from large food companies such as Unilever, Kraft Foods Inc. and General Mills Inc., which in the last few years rolled out their own lines of low-carb food.

This is true. I had no idea how HUGE Unilever is. They make tons of name brand products we buy every day (such as Lowry's BBQ sauce and Skippy peanut butter). They make the "Carb Options" line which I still use a lot. When I ordered a case of pasta sauce from them online and one bottle broke, they sent me a check for the amount of the bottle plus a book of coupons for a bunch of their products. (

I'm sticking with low carb. I've lost 58 pounds so far, and my cholesterol is the best it's ever been. A heart attack risk of 3.4 or less is considered "low risk" (the best catagory that exists), and mine is 2.2. You can't get much lower than that.


For the truth on Atkins and low carb, please visit my Atkins forum here.

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