Saturday, August 13, 2005

Conference Journal, Day 7

Conference journal for Sabbath, August 13.

After breakfast we had Sabbath School, then worship. Because there was no communion at the service last night, I figured it would be this morning. But nope, no communion at all at Conference this year. They ALWAYS do it, so I wasn't the only one surprised. It could have been done and it was just sad that it wasn't.

The sermon was one of the lamest in a long time. Something to do with Caleb being strong, steady, and enthusiastic for the Lord. But with too much straight Scripture and very little commentary. Don't just say, "This passage shows that Caleb was strong for the Lord," and then read the Bible to me. Tell me why I should care. Tell me how it applies to ME.

Cindy was really upset about Paul Manuel being made a "Baptist Cardinal" yesterday. It was supposed to be a joke, lighthearted, and that seems to be how most people took it. (I know I did.) The vestment they gave him was a red Cardinals BASEBALL cap. It was nothing more than a humerous way of honoring him for all the work he's done.

But Cindy insisted that Baptists have suffered too much at the hand of Catholic in the past to laugh at it. But I think the key phrase is "in the past." It's long since over and ancient history. Let's move on.

I let the week catch up with me this afternoon and crashed out after lunch - a true Sabbath rest. I felt better afterwards. I missed all the afternoon programs.

After dinner I did some packing and then went to the new president's installation and he announced his theme for the next year - "Making Christ's Mission Our Mission." The Scripture is Luke 4:18 (quoting Isaiah), and the theme song is "The Power of Your Love," a worship chorus.

I will have no computer access for the next few days. My new hard drive won't arrive until Monday so I won't have my computer back until at least Tuesday. I also go back to work Tuesday. So I should be able to check back in starting Tuesday at least. I'll have one or two more jounal entries then about my adventures home. For now, just please pray I don't miss my flight and get stuck in Dallas. I have a VERY tight connection there (30 minutes).

See you all next week! I hope your Sabbath was blessed and restful.


erudit said...

Baptists suffering, eh? Well this is a bit of a soapbox of mine. :) But a balanced reading of church history shows the Reformers also carrying the sword. The Reformation touched off the Thirty Years' War, which killed a third of the population in central Europe. Believe me, it wasn't only the Catholics doing the shooting. Not to mention the fact that it was Baptists drowning Anabaptists for their beliefs roundabout that time. Nor do many Protestants know about the Roman Catholic Church's internal efforts to reform itself. That doesn't make very good propaganda play, however.

Sorry to sound off on your blog. :) Hope you're enjoying the conference overall anyway! What conference is it??


Newbirth said...

I think it's more along the lines of the Anabaptists, which we consider our forerunners. I remember reading two issues of Christian History magazine. One was on Anabaptists and one on Baptists proper (as we know them today). The Anabaptists had it way worse. By the time Baptists came on the scene people seemed to be getting used to the idea of them. But the persecution the Anabaptists went through was pretty horrible. I assume that this is what Cindy was referring to.

The Conference was the General Conference for my church, where policies and programs and such are discussed. It's the "business" of the church that goes on. Our form of church government is congregational, so everybody has a say, and each church is autonomous.

erudit said...

Ah I see. The Anabaptists definitely suffered!