Saturday, August 13, 2005

Conference Journal, Day 6

Conference journal for Friday, August 12.

Paul's Bible study today was on service. It was the last and best. He talked about personal preferences, general principles, and Biblical precepts. Personal preference are things like disliking peas. The Bible says nothing on the topic. General principles are things like drinking wine - the Bible addresses it in an oblique manner. And Biblical precepts are things the Bible clearly addresses, such as worshipping idols.

After the Bible study was business. With no hot issues this year, it was quickly disposed of. Then free time for the rest of the day until evening worship. I went to the gym, walked a mile on the track, did the excercise bike for about 30 minutes, then walked another half mile. Then I took a shower and relaxed until dinner.

Worship was okay, but I was tired beyond belief. I went straight back to my room, had a peanut butter sandwich, and went to bed. But as usual I had a hard time sleeping and Jeanne's snoring only made it worse.

Sorry for the numerous misspellings in these posts. I'm on a borrowed laptop with limited time. I'll work on correcting these when I get home.

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