Monday, August 22, 2005

Leaving Thursday

I'm leaving Thursday morning for my sister's wedding. I return next Monday. I'll see about posting anything important here on her computer. We'll see if I can get her to let me use it.

Bought a wig today since she said she doesn't want her Maid of Honor to have blue hair. She wants the attention on herself that day, and I totally understand that. Hopefully the wig will meet with her approval and look natural enough. It's sort of a light brown color with blonde highlights, or maybe a blonde color with light brown highlights. It's lighter than my real color, but as long as it can pass for natural I'm cool. I've never owned a wig before.

I used all but 4 hours of my comp time on my last vacation. This coming 5 days will eat what little remains of my vacation time. But my anniversary date is coming up soon so I will get more vacation time.

Weightwise these vacations are wreaking havok with my weight loss. A one week vacation where I maintain means that I see NO loss at the end of the month after that time of the month (the only time I ever see a loss). I've gone from hovering just above 150 in June to hovering just below 150 in August. July was the only month with no vacation - and the only month I lost.

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Brad said...


=-D whoaaaaa

I got to see this when you get back.....Hmmmm
You didn't mention it...

You're wigging it.....Wooo hoooo

A lighter shade of blonde with highlights...What about low lights??? =-p

Some hair style shouldn't come with highlights but warning lights...=-D

Happy birthday April and Congratulations on getting a great guy....Are Brazilians really as
exciting as they say???

I hear they like their salsa like their politics and tv, Very hot, spicy and saucy..

Sassy, Saucy, Hockey Chops.=-)