Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Conference Journal, Day 4

Conference journal for Wedenesday, August 10th.

After Pastor Paul's Romans Bible study on sanctification, Jane and I met to work on the interest committee report. We made a dent, but there is still so much work ahead.

The Pre-Con teen presentation followed this and lasted about 45 minutes, at which time it was lunchtime. After lunch, we had our final committee meeting, after which Jane and I finished typing up the report. She wrote out how to present it to help me; I am due to present it tomorrow, though I don't know exactly when.

After all that I got in only my second workout all week and did two miles around the gym track.

The speaker at worship tonight was Pastor Rod Henry, the one who touched me so deeply when he spoke a year ago and gave the altar call where I went forward. I began to forgive that night, though that is certainly still an ongoing process. That Conference began to lift the black cloud that hung over my head - 2004 was a very tough year.

I'm really tired tonight and hope to go to bed early.

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