Thursday, August 04, 2005

Public transit woes

The bus system around here, AC Transit, is raising it's prices again on September 6. No old cards will be good past October 15. So that means using up my 10 Ride pass and transfer coupons before they are worthless (or, more likely, selling them). I posted a sign downstairs by the clock saying that I'll sell them for less than I paid for them just to recoup some money.

When I moved here passes were $50, then $60, and now they will be $70 per month! Argh! Stupid Board of Directors! Money means nothing to them unless it's in their wallets. They don't care about us riders. The more they raise the prices, the more people will decide that driving isn't any more expensive. The more people who don't ride, the most service is cut back.

I'm already getting the full $100 in Commuter Checks I'm allowed each month, and have no trouble using every penny. This will just put me $10 further behind each month.

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