Thursday, August 18, 2005

STILL computerless

So the computer guy comes over with my computer today. As he sets it down I notice that the disk drive is pushed in. He gets out his Swiss Army knife and pries it out, then tests it to make sure it slides in and out like it should. He hooks the computer all up. I ask him if he got me my chooser option back so I can print from OS 9 and he says no but that he can do that right then. He gets his pack from his car and inserts the disk. He presses the key combinations to get it to read the disk and...nothing. The computer refuses to read the freaking disk! He tries another disk; same thing. He says he needs to take it back to the shop and open it up to find out why it's not reading disks.

I'm so not amused, and he better not charge me extra because the thing read disks just fine when I gave it to him. He broke it and he should fix it for free.

So now I have no ETA on getting the computer back, never mind getting my pictures uploaded to it. :-p

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