Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rest in peace, John...

It's not really a prayer request. John was my forum Editor at Sabbath Keepers. He died a week ago Sunday. I was at Conference when I heard the announcement.

Ken M. started a thread on my forum. If he hadn't, I would have posted about it today.


He was in very ill health and is home now, but the rest of us feel the loss. At least as Christians we have hope of seeing him again.

He was a former pastor and did a lot of work for SDBs on the Net. The e-mail that was forwarded to me from his wife said that since the Sabbath Recorder came online, he felt there were enough other people to carry on the work of SDBs online. Perhaps he felt like he could finally let go.

We miss you, John. Make sure to keep places set for all of us at the table. I never met you, but I felt I knew you. We will meet someday. You did a lot of good work. Now take a long Sabbath rest in Him.


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