Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear Fatty...

I did not write this. I found it and cleaned up the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and a reference to anorexia. This is a mean letter, but it makes a good point.

Dear Fatty,
You, you’re fat.
When you sit down to eat
people will think, "God damn is she really going to eat all that?"
Why yes, yes you are.
Because that’s how you got so fucking fat in the first place,
and apparently, it’s too damn hard to put down the fork and walk away.
I mean, that’s one of the hardest things you have to do in life!
Some people are coping with people dying or having severe injuries.
But nooo, you seem to believe those are easy things to deal with.
The real struggle is not eating that pizza or that cookie.
I’ts just sooo fucking hard for you
because you are a fatass,
because you will shove anything down your fucking throat,
because you don’t have enough self-control to say "no" to ONE single thing. ONE thing you WILL eventually eat,
but right now ask yourself, “Do I REALLY think I deserve this? REALLY?” I hope you don’t.
I hope that nowhere in your mind you have reasons as to why you deserve to eat bad foods.

You do, however, deserve to be fat.
You deserve to be the fat friend, deserve to always feel disgusting when you sit down and all your rolls come together,
disgusting when you can’t fit into any of your old jeans,
deserve, how you’re afraid to even wear any type of revealing clothing.
Because honestly, who wants to see your fat ass?
And those stretch marks you hate so much. Ohhhh, should’ve listened to your mother when she said they’d only get worse. But you just passed it off.
She was just "being a bitch," right?
You know what's a bitch - that you can’t show of your legs without feeling like everyone is staring at those disgusting marks. But if you’re skinny, honestly, someone might look at them for half a second ,and that will be it.
If I'm fat with stretch marks, they'll think , damn she really needs to lose weight.
If I’m skinny ,they might just think I lost a lot of weight, or had a growth spurt. It wont matter.
You'll be thin!
Put that fucking fork down.
Your happy weight will only take LONGER to reach if you don’t stop fucking shoving that disgusting high fat food down your throat.
That food is so disgusting.
Imagine a fat girl , eating away at McDonald’s - no way could that EVER be attractive.
People will look at you and think,
"Damn, she needs to not come here anymore."
But if a thin girl eats there, it looks like she’s just stopping for a quick snack, like she’s too busy having fun to care.

Which one do you want to be?

Oh , I guess you decided to be the fat bitch
because it was too hard to not eat that bowl of ice cream.
Damn you have it SOOO hard in life.
I hope that ice cream hits the pit of your stomach
and packs right in your already disgusting ass
and adds on to your double chin.
"But, I can’t help it I just didn’t have any control I wasn’t even thinking.”

No, but you WERE thinking.
You were thinking, "I am going to shove everything down my throat even if I’m not hungry
just to prove to everyone how much of a fat fuck I am."
HONESTLY, do you expect me to feel bad for you because you ATE?
Honestly, did somebody TIE you up and told you they’d slit your throat if you didn’t eat? No? I didn’t think so!
What I do know is that you were sitting there, being the fatass you are
when you could’ve been working out.
A thought of food came to mind,
and you tried to push it away. You said "I’m better than this. I don’t need it"
Yet, haha obviously you’re NOT because you FINALLY got off your ass,
and took that ass into the kitchen.
You make me sick.
You probably make other people sick too, but no, go ahead, take the easy road, give in "just today."
Ill see you in 5 years, at over 300 pounds,
having to breathe heavily just to walk out of the house.
Keep going the way you are you fat fuck.
Hope you enjoy being miserable.


laney said...

As a Christian, I find this post offensive. The language alone is atrocious and I don't believe that He wants any of us to speak to ourselves that way. This letter also implies that if you are overweght, life is not worth living... Scary that someone would think that way. I hope you don't. I will be praying for you.

Arthur_of_Old said...

We are set by The Potter and not the clay of which is set. The Spirit is more than the body. We must care for the body, yet it must be balanced, focused correctly. Paul said our bodies are wasting away, but the inner man is reborn (renewed each day). Peace to you Sis.